Ocean Encounters – Kealakekua Reef Snorkel


Those who have had the chance to travel to Kealakekua can attest that this 315-acre bay is absolutely an ocean-lover’s paradise.



Those who have had the chance to travel to Kealakekua can attest that this 315-acre bay is absolutely an ocean-lover’s paradise. Located around 12 miles south of Kaila-Kona on the west side of Big Island, Kealakekua Bay is the largest sheltered natural bay in the island and is one of the top-rated snorkeling and diving spots in the main Hawaiian Islands, with all the sights and marine life to see in its coves and deep waters. You sure wouldn’t want to miss out on an inimitable opportunity to explore the beauty of Kealakekua underwater, so let Ocean Encounters take you to a snorkeling adventure by booking its Kealakekua Reef Snorkel package tour!

Ocean Encounters’ Kealakekua Reef Snorkel begins with a relaxing cruise down Kona Coast, on board a spacious 46-foot Delta boat that guarantees a smooth and comfortable ride to Kealakekua Bay. Kona Coast has breathtaking coastline and ocean views that you can enjoy and take photos of from the boat’s upper deck, especially designed for guests’ sightseeing pleasure. While marvelling at these sights, keep your eyes open for spinner and spotted dolphins, too! Catch them together in pods, swimming freely in their natural habitat and showing off their forms when they leap high into the air. As the Hawaiian seas are teeming with these playful marine mammals, you are most likely to spot them early on in the tour. 

You will certainly enjoy the cruise from Kailua-Kona to Kealakekua Bay, but wait until you actually get there! The real fun starts upon arriving at the bay, where the Ocean Encounters’ crew will help you gear up with complete snorkeling equipment and guides for your ultimate underwater adventure. Here, get ready to catch sight of more dolphins and a variety of tropical fish species, enjoying themselves in their natural homes. As the water in Kealakekua Bay is so clear, you can also see massive coral reef formations down under and more of Big Island’s vibrant marine life. If you have waterproof cameras, prepare to take lots of photos of Kealakekua Bay’s spectacular underwater beauty! This is an experience you would want to capture and fondly go back to when you leave this tropical paradise.

What’s great about Ocean Encounters’ Kealakekua Reef Snorkel is that it’s a package tour for anyone and everyone, snorkeling experts or not. You don’t have to worry if you’re new to snorkeling, as Ocean Encounters’ staff and crew are adept at assisting first-time snorkelers, and they also have ready a wide assortment of masks, snorkels, and fins of all sizes on board. Without doubt, all guests should get the chance to experience snorkeling in one of the finest spots in all of Hawaii and have a safe and comfortable time doing so, and this Ocean Encounters’ crew shall give. 

Besides the top-notch service, Ocean Encounters’ Kealakekua Reef Snorkel is also inclusive of refreshments, such as soda, water, and light snacks, and as well as the opportunity to see the iconic Captain Cook Monument on the coast. With everything that comes with this package tour, it is certainly a tour that is worth every penny and every second of your time spent aboard! 

Ocean Encounters’ Kealakekua Reef Snorkel Tour Highlights:

  1. Enjoy a relaxing cruise along Kona Coast.
  2. Snorkel at Kealakekua Bay, one of the top-rated snorkel spots in the whole of Hawaii.
  3. Get to see Captain Cook Monument, a major landmark in Big Island.

Ocean Encounters’ Kealakekua Reef Snorkel Tour Inclusions:

  1. Flotation devices
  2. Snorkel gear (mask, fins, snorkel, and wetsuit if necessary)
  3. Light snacks and drinks (soda and water)