Explore the beauty of Waikiki! The East-Waikiki Walking Tour is a great way to learn how the world’s only beach city maintains its rich military tradition. We see it all – diamond head, Aikahi park and church, Queens beach (once called “surfers paradise”), surfboard shapers in Kapahulu.

We take in views that are so lovely they might cause your heart to quicken with delight – Kaimana Beach Museum, Hawaiian Military Monuments on Mapunapuna Bay, horse stables at Royal Horseguards Parade Grounds, Kalakaua Avenue with Prince Kuhio statue, and Diamond Head Summit beyond. You don’t need to go to Maui to take part in the Hawaiian lifestyle. With the East Waikiki Walking Tour, you can explore Honolulu as a local would. You will be led by our expert tour guide, who will share her knowledge of the area and history while demonstrating how popular surfing is on Oahu. Near Kaimana Beach, we stop for some lively discussion about surf clubs nearby and famous beaches where dolphins are known to frolic offshore. We even touch on Hawaii’s military involvement concerning its history and current operations.

Have you ever taken a vacation to Honolulu? We think everyone should, but most people would be content with this East Waikiki Walking Tour if you don’t have the time or funds for that. You’ll get inspired to see Diamond Head and learn about the history of all the islands in Hawaii while strolling through Kapiolani Park. Plus, it’s guided so even your youngest child can stay engaged! You can’t resist Atlantis’s palm trees, Hawaii’s crystal clear water, or its fantastic weather, and then there are the people! Tourists and locals alike welcome you with hearty aloha no matter where you go. Come to a tropical paradise for an evening of fun in Waikiki.

There is so much more to see than just beaches on Oahu—let us show you some extra hidden gems that are sure to wow even the most seasoned traveler without leaving any time from your plan. Choose one guided walking tour from Diamond Head crater, North Shore Park, or Royal Hawaiian Center and explore Honolulu by foot in style. Hawaii is a beautiful island with so much to see! With this walking tour, you’ll get two hours of local terms to learn new things about the culture and customs. On top of that, you’re going on a dessert and Mochi-tasting adventure.

Discover the hidden treasures of Waikiki on this walking tour with a local expert. Get to know the history and culture while exploring some of Honolulu’s most popular destinations on your terms! Get in on all the fun as we prepare you for an educational yet pleasant experience that will leave you feeling like a native resident. 

You’ll be surprised by how many exciting things await nearby. Buy this walking tour and get FREE Mochi Ice cream, a FREE sticker, and a FREE bird identification card. It means you can always find the birds, no matter what part of Oahu you visit. The Kapiʻolani Park Band Stand is also included – an iconic spot that visitors fall in love with every time they see it. This tour is perfect for anyone looking to experience as many parts Hawaii has to offer as possible during their stay on the beautiful island paradise Oahu.