Get your water kicks underway with this fabulous opportunity to complete open water certification and never look back. The adventure starts on dry land, where class sizes are small (a maximum student-instructor ratio of 6:1) with passionate instructors who can accommodate various learning styles. You’ll master the skills required for safe diving in our hands-on training programs that include pool sessions and day dives or go virtual by taking an online course. You’re about to unlock some of the most exciting adventures ever. 

Get a taste of the wild side with Open Water Certification!

Experience Oahu’s natural beauty and summertime vibes on this 4-hour boat ride from Ala Wai Boat Harbor to Ala Moana Blvd. Slip #70 in Honolulu, where we’ll celebrate your accomplishment of being certified scuba divers. From snorkeling and exploring shipwrecks to communing with coral reefs and rare sea plants, its favorite spots are yours for the taking and deserving of remembrance long after you head back up. Remember that if it looks like something you want to eat while submerged in water— don’t eat it.

Let’s go diving near Hawaii and find all these excellent fish! I’m certified now. This is the perfect place for you to explore some new territory, real deep down in the ocean where you can see every fishy bottom-dweller. If that isn’t your thing, there’s plenty of space up top, too, if you’re feeling a little drier on ideas—this business’ right over by Waikiki Beach at Ala Moana Blvd., slip #70. We’ve got gear ready to loan out, so come on in and get a certification today.

What is the world’s oasis? The one place that has relaxation written on every scenic corner. The escape from reality, where you can forget about deadlines and personal ills. Natural beauty draws us in like a beacon of hope to a traveler lost at sea. Finding this little slice of heaven means breaking free from overbearing work schedules, bad weather, or just feeling overloaded with life’s ridiculousness. So when it’s time for your next vacation, make sure to pack your passport and don’t forget the scuba diving certification! Get your Open Water Certification before embarking on 15 days of world-class training and studying as we take you all over the beautiful Pacific islands before finally landing in our picturesque.

If you’re looking for the perfect vacation excursion this summer, look no further than scuba diving in Hawaii! Best of all, with our newly minted PADI Open Water Diver certification program and handy eLearning courseware that walks you through everything from gear selection to dive planning – it’ll be easy as pie. Dive into some new financial resources today.

Why is your life incomplete? All the other tourists are having more fun than you. You will never know what it’s like to feel water caressing your body, a little bit of sun on your skin, and an explosion of colors from underwater coral reefs. There’s a whole world out there waiting for you! But before we get into all that excitement, let’s talk about safety first. It comes down to two things: where and when? Once you enter Open Water Certification, Phase 1: Intro Scuba Diving Session’s waters – which is right here in the beautiful Waikiki neighborhood — being safe doesn’t seem so hard. Have you always wanted to be a professional, confident diver? Don’t miss out on this opportunity! SNU offers Open Water Certification in the best state for diving: Hawaii. And don’t worry about getting all your gear together– we provide everything you need! So if you want to dive in tropical water every weekend, get certified with SNU and start hiring divers.

Imagine yourself in the warm waters with a mask and snorkel, swimming through reefs and surrounded by tropical fish as you soak up all of Hawaii has to offer. This is what awaits you at your confined water session. During this phase II training, we’ll polish skills learned during phase I while preparing beginners for open water diving adventures to explore more than three hundred schools of tropical fish. Don’t worry about struggling with dive gear or trying to learn new techniques without attracting any instructors’ attention! We’re conveniently located next to Ala Moana Shopping Center, so come on down when you have some time.