You already know you want this Open Water Certification Package! It’s what divers have been waiting for. Four open water dives with one of our experts, who also happens to be your instructor and senior dive partner. With such limited space in the class, we’re able to provide a personal experience overlooking all of the skills that first-time divers need on their resume: Instructors who are highly qualified and love diving as much as they teach it; pirate bay briefings by professional guides lead first-time students through calm waters; equipment rentals, so you don’t have brakes drawing attention away from your success story. 

Open Water Certification Checkout Dives

GET CERTIFIED! Your passport to adventure and the underwater world. We aim to provide the highest level of training, and that starts with our small class sizes and highly trained instructors. Please get a new passport to the underwater world with our Open Water Certification Checkout Dives. We provide you all this equipment and focus on good training, starting with small class sizes for the highest level of training. Have a blast while learning how to dive. Price includes four open water boat dives, PADI certification fee, regulator, wetsuit, weights- everything you need for your checkout dives. Open water certification checkout dives are the perfect way to see if you’re ready for the open water certification process or just looking to explore life under the surface! Set in a beautiful, beachfront location with attentive instructors and an air of excitement surrounding your new experience. Quality training is our priority! Our small class sizes are great for making friends and give everyone enough attention from our highly trained instructor.

Do you feel like there’s a whole new world underwater waiting for you? Then checkout dives are the best place to start! Open Water Certification Checkout Dives will get you those all-important PADI certification skills that you need. The only thing better than getting certified with us is diving into those exotic locations we offer! So what are we waiting for! Dive right into your adventure and find out if snorkeling or scuba diving is more your style.

Are you tired of summertime? Sign up for Open Water Certification and be one step closer to your dream of a life on the ocean. The open water certification allows you to go on boat dives, swim with fish, explore snorkels and fins in 12″ of water—all while interacting with only four other divers at any given time! Get certified now! Check out our following scheduled course dates from 12:15 pm to see if there’s an opening for you. One thing is for sure: it doesn’t matter where in the world you’re vacationing this summer–we have got what you need.

Why settle for a vacation when you can enjoy an incredible life experience? Share the story of your Open Water certification, check out dives with family and friends, explore wild new worlds underwater. Create thrilling memories that’ll last a lifetime, get certified.