You deserve the best out of life, so get ready to make some memories on our Off-Road ATV Adventure.

 If you’ve always wanted to go offroading, this is your chance! For a minimum age requirement of 4 years old and up, this is an adventure that anybody can enjoy.

This is your chance to take offroading to the next level. If you’ve wanted to feel how it feels when you take a ride on an ATV, this is your chance! You will need some basic skills before we can let you get your hands dirty: our expert guides will give them to you. Once they do that, our world-famous course will be waiting for you and all of its opportunities. There are two laps included, so even if you didn’t quite master the first one, try again now that there are two more chances! 

“If you’ve ever wanted to put your four-wheeling hobby into practice, consider this fantastic tour through the beautiful trails in Oahu. Fun for everyone, these 1 hour and 45-minute tours are designed with safety in mind! We provide everything you need, including expert guides who teach you some basic off-road techniques.”

Prepare to have your adrenaline pumping as you tackle some of the most challenging, off-road terrain on Oahu. We think ATVs might start with A not because they go fast but because of all the incredible adventure involved too.  

Shorten those tour lines with this experience and get a taste for what it’s like to take an ATV out into the wild! Drive over logs, grassy hillsides, and more to explore one of the most beautiful oceanfront islands while honing your skills. Turn up your music and sing along with our expert guide (or teach them tips!) as you tear through over 2 miles worth of trails in total – so bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and a camera because we can guarantee that all eyes will be on you when you return from this day filled with memories. 

Soak up the tropical island vibes as you explore your wild side. Explore one of the most untouched natural terrains on earth while exploring hidden temple ruins and admiring a glowing volcanic landscape. Whether you’re beginning to break in your nikes or looking for an adrenaline rush – we have something for anyone who’s up for an Off-Road Adventure at ATV Oahu!

First time offroading? Not to worry, it will be easy breezy if you follow these steps: Make sure that you return each day with plenty of sunlight (to avoid dangerous road surfaces). Open-handed gloves are handy when grabbing handholds. Put a little bit of gas in tow before riding.

Even if you have never been off-road before, there are no worries as our expert guides will teach you all the basic techniques needed to navigate through the technical course we have set up for you. Now get packing because, after just twenty minutes onsite and signing an online waiver before participation, your journey into uncharted territory awaits!