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Nukolii Beach Park, named for its white-sand shoreline that stretches over two miles (3.2 km), is one of the longest beaches on Kauai’s east coast and a perfect place to spend your day sunbathing or snorkeling! The beautiful scenery on this island is only matched by its vastness in size. From one end of the coast at Lydgate beach park to another near Wailua golf course and hotel many different sights can be seen including towering coconut trees as well as clear blue waters filled with marine life such as dolphins or whales!

The beach is a dangerous place for swimmers, with surf and currents that make it very difficult to stay afloat. Not only are the waves high enough to knock you off your feet but they also have strong undercurrents which can pull us out into deep waters without warning. The bottom of the ocean floor has many sharp rocks so don’t expect a soft landing if you get knocked down by one of those waves! However, Nukolii Beach is a great place to go for those looking to explore the underwater world. This beach offers not only snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities, but also fishing adventures when the ocean’s calm waters are right for you! The sound of waves crashing against the rocks was an all too familiar and unwelcome guest. The reef provided shelter from some, but not during high surf season when it could even give way to the relentless onslaught of water. The water might look calm and inviting, but it’s best to be cautious. The waves will never go down as quickly as you want them too. Plus there are no lifeguards on duty so if something happens the only person who can help is yourself!

Nukolii Beach is one of those Kauai beaches that never gets crowded. There are many reasons why this beach trips people’s radars, but the most prominent reason may be its lack of a parking lot or lifeguard station at its entrance. This secluded area is perfect for surfers and beachcombers alike. The waves are just high enough to ride at Graveyards while those looking for a more peaceful experience will find plenty of room and shady spots near Kapaa Beach Park.

The best time to go swimming at Nukolii Beach is when the sea is calm. The water should never be rough or high, but very still and ideally flat with no waves breaking on shore. Stay close to land, especially if you are traveling alone as there can often be hazards that might lead a person away from safety without even realizing it!

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