You'reYou're in for a treat! In this one-of-a-kind tour, you'll fly through the darkness on all six of our ziplines.

At those times when it feels like someone is pushing you from behind – it’s just the harness and cable at work. Bring your Valentine to tour with you as we make s’mores around a bonfire after traveling high above Oahu in total darkness. Limited space ensures that each guest will be able to enjoy every moment of this unique experience together, so book now before time runs out!

Are you tired of fighting for reservations at crowded restaurants on Valentine's Day?

Do something completely different, experience the thrill of ziplining in the night sky. The Night Zipline Tour has six zip lines, and participants get to enjoy all of them! Afterward, roast marshmallows and make s’mores at our fire pit, where your memories will last a lifetime!

For someone who loves adventure, this is guaranteed to be an extraordinary way to kick off their vacation- without leaving the comforts of home. Do you know when your family is all going their separate ways on Valentine’s Day? And the dreaded question of where to go for dinner comes up. Do you swear you’ve been there, done that? Do something unique and sign up now so you can experience what it feels like flying through the air at 130 feet long from tree branch to tree branch until coming screeching back down-pitch black surrounds us as we continue our zipline evening exploring six zips in total, including one 700 yard zip way out into the ocean! Your significant other will be astounded by just how exciting this night could get! 

Here’s a chance to do something truly unique this Valentine’s Day. Spend the evening zip lining in the dark of night. You’ll experience vertigo-inducing heights as you race through trees and across canopies. All in a pulsating nightscape highlighted by bright, green lights glowing on top of lush hillsides below – what better way to spend your Valentine? Kick your feet up and enjoy a whole different kind of thrill. We’ve got the only zipline tour on Oahu, which tours the other half-hour front the standard run time to show you everything we offer: edge-of-your-seat views from high up in the forest canopy, six long lines with unique distances between runs – for speedsters and beginner adrenaline junkies alike! You’ll get videos of your royal journey taken and upload them right onto our Facebook page to make sure everyone back home knows where you’re adventuring next!.

Feel the rush as you zipline high above the trees! It’s like an aerial safari tour, but a whole lot faster. Get to know Hawaii’s chaparral landscape up close and personal.

A nighttime experience like no other awaits with our Night Zipline Tour on Oahu in Honolulu County.

  • This 1-hour event is limited to 6 people (4 of which are children)
  • All gear and equipment needed for this event will be provided for all guests at a small additional cost that includes dinner before your adventure starts.
  • Don’t miss out on this actual one-of-a-kind experience.
  • Book now to secure your place on this memorable evening!