Did you know?? That in the dark depths of the night, when humans are tucked snugly into their beds, a secret world awaits your discovery? With 42 % of Hawaii underwater, some pretty spectacular things happen on our reefs. This is the best time to dive and catch them all, from tiny plankton to mighty turtles and sharks.

Feel adventurous? Join us for an unforgettable boat ride out to sea that will leave you never wanting to look at land ever again. Diving with lights may provide new creatures that thrive during these hours. Our expert crew will teach you everything you need before heading down deep by putting together parts of your gear, so don’t worry if it’s your first time.

What better way to spend your vacay than on the ocean? Spend an evening driving through a whole new underwater world. Explore a wonderland of amazing creatures you’ve never seen before, all while staying within sight of land in Honolulu. Winter may be over, but here, sunsets are just around the corner, and with them, harbors full of dolphins. Join us aboard our private vessel, the “Diamond T,” for some lively harbor tourism. Private boat charters to explore the many harbors in and around Waikiki. Dive to exotic depths where sea life can’t be ignored! Explore underwater nightlife like nothing you’ve ever seen before – don’t miss out on an unforgettable tour that leaves seven days a week.

There’s nothing quite like being in the water before the sunsets. You’ll get a tantalizing taste of island life with warm, vibrant colors as though you were diving for dinner, and maybe that’s not so hard to do! If you’re looking for something different than your old-fashioned snorkel or scuba experience, this is it: spend sunset on an island cruise and see beaming fish one last time before night parts them into the deep. Night Dive Ala Wai Boat Harbor Ala Moana means staying out late. Stay up until 10 o’clock if you want to. Glow in the dark. Critters and dolphins are waiting for you when night falls. Set sail on a cruise of scenic Honolulu Bay aboard our custom-built 16′ mahogany Night Dive boat, where up to 3 people will have exclusive use of the back deck while watching out for turtles, colorful reef fish, and other nocturnal ocean life as evening falls over them.

Night Dive Ala Wai Boat Harbor Ala Moana is the most unique, unforgettable thing you can do in Honolulu on your vacation. Take a boat ride out to one of the two dives sites and explore the marine life that thrives in 20-60 foot depths. You might be able to spot some exotic fish or a sleeping eel! Join other experienced divers who are here for their next thrill – what will you find this evening? 

Enjoy the beauty of being surrounded by ocean life on your “Night Dive” in Honolulu! Turn the city lights off, put on a wetsuit, and head down to explore an underwater world that is teeming with both known and unknown wildlife around every corner. Meet some forgotten creatures face-to-face as you travel off into uncharted territory beneath the surface. Excitement is what we live for, so book your next adventure now!