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Every year, Hilo hosts a week-long event to celebrate the Merrier Monarch Festival. This is an annual festival that celebrates Hawaiian culture and heritage in Hilo. It’s also known as one of the most popular festivals on Hawaii Island for locals and tourists alike who want to enjoy everything from local food vendors with traditional dishes like Kalua Pork or Lau’a (Hawaiian beef stew) up through hula competitions!

The King David Kalakaua Day Celebration honors an important figure in Hawaii’s history. A celebration is a day-long event that celebrates the efforts of this amazing man and his devotion to preserving their culture for future generations. Without his hard work and hope in preserving Hawaiian culture, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy this beautiful tradition that has shaped Hawaii into what it is now.

Community’s View on Festival

The annual Hawaiian Festival is an opportunity for the Hawaiians to reaffirm their cultural identity, even if it means that they have to share the land with those who are unlike them. The Merrier Monarch Festival is a community-driven event that allows Hawaiians to include their past in their modern lives. Traditions from the olden days are lost when given no recognition in any aspects of life, but at this festival, they can be seen and revered for everything it means to Hawaiian culture now.

Expect a cheerful and fun atmosphere at the Merrier Monarch Festival. There are two types of events that take place during this festival, non-competition, and competition. The first half is full of free performances as well as craft fairs with artisans showing off their work for you to purchase! The second half of the Merrier Monarch Festival is an exciting and enticing event. The competition exhibits local talent to a large international audience, as well as showcasing world-renowned hula dancers from around the globe.

Purchasing a ticket to attend Merrier Monarch Festival’s competitive performances is just one of the many ways you can enjoy this Oregon event. If general admission seats are what suit your fancy, then all that stands between you and entrance into great entertainment at prices starting as low as $5 to $30 per person before tickets sell out.

The parade is one of the most exciting, family-friendly events of this festival. The event features local talent and important figures who can be seen showing off their skills in myriad ways!

The Merrie Monarch Festival, held annually in April on the island of Hawaii to celebrate Hawaiian culture and heritage through hula dance, is a great opportunity for travelers who want an authentic taste of organic Hawaiian life.

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