Kick start your Maui day with a SUP Yoga ride on the water! Learn the basics in the park and then explore the backwaters of Makena Landing. Sea turtles, eels, urchins, and more, while you learn some basic yoga poses to tone your arms, abs, and everything else! Afterward, we’ll follow up with an Om mandala coloring sheet – see what happens when you do something good for yourself? Doing ocean SUP Yoga every day for just one week* is like getting over 22 days of yoga!

Paddleboarding 101 is included in this 2-hour excursion, so come to all guided by a Certified Instructor or opt to paddleboard independently if that’s not your thing. This 2-hour yoga tour is perfect for beginners or those looking to kick back and relax with a certified yoga instructor. Rest easy on your board watching the sunrise, strike a pose (literally), watch the ocean glide by, and forget all of your worries for this beautiful moment in time. 

Beginners will learn paddling basics before heading out into the gorgeous Maui morning with their very own SUP-Yoga expert. Advanced yogis can share secrets while you both enjoy stunning views from Haleakala.

This is your chance to enjoy Maui without breaking a sweat while still getting in some great exercise! Sit back, relax and enjoy the sun on your face as you traverse Kenaku Bay. Gentle yoga postures will keep you more relaxed than lying on the beach for eight hours straight or having an experience with SUP Yoga Makena Landing, which is designed to help master the Zen life. 

So join us before heading off on a Tiki Time Adventure Tour if You Don’t want to Be Here doing your Maui Backroads famous cultural tour of sites that unveil what’s going on in this epic photo op of beauty and peace. Rise with the Maui’s rising sun and catch some coastal vibes on Makena Beach this morning! Enjoy a SUP-Yoga experience while watching pink and purple hues light up the sky as Haleakala Crater sunrises. This tour includes an On-Ocean SUP Yoga class to start your day off right. If morning is not for you, then 7:15 am also has you covered! Say Goodbye to the Breakdown; Say “OM” To Your Soul!

With two options at different times, SUP yoga is sure to feel just right no matter what time you rise with DOA Yoga. It becomes challenging to find balance in your day-to-day life in a world that’s going fast and furious. SUP yoga whisks away all of your worries for the perfect morning or afternoon on your Makena Landing during this one-hour experience.

Ready for a retreat with yourself? This tropical one-hour adventure is just what you need in your life! Instructed by experts, relax to the Hawaiian music and enjoy. Engaging in new experiences will only lead to more mental health. Welcome to Makena! Our 8,000 square foot yoga studio offers a sanctuary for your mind and body. Let us help you escape north to paradise. It’s hard work doing just about anything nowadays, so why not treat yourself? Your first time is always free, too, so if you’re ready to hop on board (literally), we look forward to meeting you ʻAYAYA!