Adventure awaits at your fingertips. Leave the chaos behind, pack the bike up in a case and let it be your companion on all of life’s small adventures. The slopes in the winter, camping trips with friends and family during fall, hikes to some secluded waterfall or the river-the thrill of hitting those trails again is intoxicating. Geared with disc brakes for improved performance when heading downhills, this lightweight carbon fiber frame will keep you rolling safely even through unpredictable weather changes. With three colors to choose from and built-in handlebars that can collapse down to fit inside its wheels, this bike is ready for wherever life takes you next.

Vacation is in session. Sleepwalk your way through days of leisure and turn up, baby turn up for the nightlife. Make a splashdown into crystalline blue waters with your whole squad when you’re not off exploring new worlds and digging endless Instagram captions. Spare time—or lack thereof—offers endless opportunities to explore an island paradise, get sun-kissed on white-sand beaches, or sip cocktails made from fresh local ingredients while watching the sunset over turquoise seas. Crank it up because vacation isn’t going away any time soon! It’s a bike. You sit on it. It’s fast. You can ride it to the store and back. We’re in Hawaii. We have excellent roads for those of you who are into that type of thing.There is also a triathlon someplace called Kona so if racing bikes is your bag, come by.

Road bikes come in all shapes and sizes. I’m talking about the XXS size, of course! We’re talking lightweight aluminum tubing with a carbon fiber fork. This thing is perfect for racers or anyone who likes to zip around town – you know, like people on vacation? It’s easy to dive into a fabulous pool of water on a summer day or splash around in the waves at the beach. You can feel free to spend all day riding your bike, too! Summertime means lighter bikes and lighter clothing—and XXS has just what you need for your break from school (or work) or even just exploring new terrain that’s been waiting for you. Whether you want an ultra-light carbon fiber frame to race up hills with ease or something simpler like a hybrid commuter frame so you can glide through traffic, we have it right here for you. Need some luggage?

Just gear up and head out on your bike to see some of the most beautiful sights or take a road trip. Bring the wind in your hair, pedal over those hills, enjoy nature as you go at breakneck speeds. It all becomes so much better when you are doing it by bike! Live your dream and explore new territory on this villa-sized bike. With a whole house of great features, it’s the all too often unseen pro cyclist at your local store. Let head-turning beauty distract from our race-winning specs. You deserve to feel fierce when you stop to enjoy the view!