Experience this escape from the everyday. Elevate your bike ride with a Sub Active eRIDE 30 Urban Men’s Electric Bike today. Just as every road offers new sights and stories, be it on your bike or in your car, the Sub Active eRIDE is more than just a ride. Hit the open highway with this versatile, eco-friendly option that’s decked out to support almost any adventure you might want to embark on–from scenic cruises to camping trips.

Take charge of your expedition by customizing this ride to accommodate any mood or end goal. Add some extra bells and whistles with fenders, rack, lights, baskets, and plenty of reflective material for all those problematic hours traveling after sunset! The possibilities are only limited by where you’re going next—not how fast.

Whether commuting to work, touring around the city with friends, or taking a weekend escape on your bicycle, the Sub Active eRIDE is an active lifestyle companion ready for anything! Our design features integrated lights and a sturdy rear rack that allows for convenient transport of all your necessities. With its wide saddle and high cockpit section, this bike ensures maximum comfort whether riding it actively or relaxing while coasting. Picture hopping on a bike for your vacation in paradise. Strap your bag onto the back of the Sub Active eRIDE 30 Unisex, grip those handlebar grips, and pedal away towards adventure. Have you wanted to try a new hobby? Need an economical way to work out? Well, invest in an XS – Scott EBike Sub Active eRide Paia, HI, and get it shipped straight away to your door.

Step off the plane and into a bike that is all yours for the week. Imagine: Leaving your boarding area without fumbling to find a seat, talking with loved ones at stops instead of across an aisle on your cell phone, getting fresh air and exercise while you explore more of what Hawaii has to offer. And just when you think things can’t get any better – they will! When it’s time to come home, all you need to do is return your bike as scheduled through our online system’. Chances are, if other people have born theirs before eight AM, we’ll be able to schedule them out for pickup before 5 PM the same day. This day just got a whole lot better. The Sub Active eRIDE 20 Unisex is the perfect bike for adventures on land and sea. You’ll never get tired with this lightweight, high-performance bicycle that can tackle any hill or beach in its way while still holding enough space for an extra set of clothes or snacks. Ease your back and have fun at the same time as you Power-up to go on whatever adventure feels right today.

Put your feet up and take in the beautiful views, whether along a shoreline or from a mountain top. With our e-bike, there’s no more worrying about hills or any strenuous activity. You don’t need to condition, leaving you with extra time for other activities. This bike is essential for those looking to explore new places without breaking their backs. Let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with!