It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned old pro or our newest rider. We’ve got something for the whole family. These bikes are perfect for road trips and charity events alike! Break free from your day-to-day routine with an XS – Scott Addict Carbon Road Bike today. The quick and sleek XS will quickly become your new summertime best friend. Splash through puddles of creek water with the bike’s long, perfect frame, or take it off-road for an adventure. Either way, you’ll be in heaven with its light ABS bike frame and aluminum wheels that’ll go practically anywhere you do.

Find yourself wondering what “carbon” is? Google it! Carbon does wonders for these inspiring blue frames—not only are they lightweight, but they’re also reliable enough to make the ride smooth as ever. Road gears have never been more accessible; don’t let anything slow you down on this bad boy! The only thing left to do now is hop onto your bike.

Tired of being told, “It’s not your year”? You’re in luck – the new Addict RC 20 is here! Come to Scott and leave all manner of self-doubt behind. It will be your year under this bike, which has been carefully designed with you in mind. The carbon frame provides excellent stiffness under power, and the precise handling lets it offer a saving grace over any bump or hill that stands between you and victory. Stop wasting time fretting about what could go wrong today; now’s your chance to get on board with success – reserve one today. The product of an era where something new and fresh is always desired, the XS – Scott Addict Carbon Road Bike conquers any mountain climb and offers ultimate speed. The design of this bike showcases a smooth curved head tube with integrated cable routing that will provide you with the high-performance cycling experience of your dreams. Ready to take on any task thrown its way, be sure to test out this frameset.

Ride with us, explore the open roads at your leisure. With easy shifting and a sleek design, get out there and make some new memories. An open road is usually synonymous with freedom, but this time it will be enhanced by lane changes to get past traffic quickly or avoid those dang potholes. Equipped with Shimano internal cables that are hard to tangle or break and lighter than a traditional external system, you can laugh when someone surprises you from behind with that sudden stop.

If it’s time to go off the beaten path and get lost in nature, you need a bike that can take anything thrown at it. To ride one of these bad boys, you have to be tough enough for an unforgiving ride with ease. Tackling any terrain will be simple with a bit of practice on this excellent machine. The speed won’t always be reliable depending on the course, but the comfort will make up for it every time.