The Speedster 10 Disc is just what you need for an incredible summer ride. The Shimano 105 gears and Syncros components will make getting around a breeze, but you’ll shine on those warm days with the reliable Hayes disc brakes when the pavement starts to get hot. Come by and pick yours up today so we can get you out of the office and into the great outdoors. Whether you’re a cheater or not, the aluminum frame will let you feel like you are cheating because it doesn’t weigh as much.

The Reynolds 853 steel fork on our Speedster 10 Disc is stiff and responsive, giving you control and precision while quickly handling curves. A bridge guard will welcome all riders to cross that bridge in style! Shimano 105 components offer reliable shifts with a robust braking response from the BR-R505 hydraulic disc brakes. When it comes time for rain showers, don’t worry about mud build-up with our SPD pedals that provide optimal grip when wet riding conditions occur, thanks to their unique pattern for improved contact performance – even if it’s raining cats & dogs. 

You want speed, and it looks like we can provide just that! Perfect for those who are looking to explore the considerable amount of space their town has to offer.

Just because you live in a smaller area doesn’t mean you have to stay close by – let your tires roll wherever they please and take off on this XL-sized bike. The aluminum frame means light enough for anyone to ride without feeling heavy set from lugging around a giant bicycle. Finish your rides with an ice cream cone or two and play one more round before it gets too dark out – all aboard the Speedster.

Need an escape? Need to breathe in the fresh air, see new places, and let your worries fall away from you? Here’s a perfect way: On a bike. You can stay up late with your friends at that quaint neighborhood bar or chat with them while pedaling. It is the ultimate method of transportation for people who love cycling! No need for the hustle and bustle of public transit- bikes are versatile tools that inspire personal growth through experience. And not only do they promote exploration, but great exercise as well! All it takes is an open mind and a sense of adventure to find what awaits around the next corner on your bicycle ride – there’s no telling how far you could go.

You have a destination close by, why not bring your bike? Leave the car keys home and get out on two wheels! The Speedster 10 Disc features Shimano components for an efficient ride. And it comes with disc brakes for extra control. Do you still want to fit all of your belongings in the back? Done! Check out this pro-efficient setup from Scott–the XL – Scott Speedster Aluminum Road Bike.