Spend less time on the trail and more time enjoying it. It’s hard work choosing your perfect ride for a good mountain bike weekend away from the office. You don’t want the weight to be an issue since you’re not packing that heavy stuff in your saddlebag, but you also don’t want all three of your spare tubes, tire levers, and pump weighing your bike down while biking those rocky trails. Well, with the Shimano 12-speed drivetrain, the rear suspension keeps that full suspension absorbing every detail of terrain below them without costing you any pedaling power back up that subsequent rise after it teased you by giving away too quickly for just a second before catching itself again like some mythical unicorn taking care not to gift-wrap it.

What’s better than a big day on the trails? How about a couple of days of exploring new terrain, all with your most trusted riding partner by your side. The brilliant 940 mountain bike is packed with the features you need to experience up and downs (almost) anywhere in the world. Our TwinLoc Suspension System means that every ride will be optimized for comfort- especially when you always know what to expect out of each surface, whether gripping or jarring terrain. We’ve thrown some Shimano parts in there, too- so no worries about fishing through gears or losing traction halfway through an uphill stretch.

Ever ridden a bike on some dirt trails? And had the time of your life doing it? We’ve got the perfect ride for you. The Genius 940 is designed to take you through all that backcountry mud puddle and singletrack with its reliable Shimano 12-speed drivetrain, Syncros components, and TwinLoc Suspension System. You’ll be singing to yourself as these pedals are spinning that sweetest terrain into butter under your tires because, with this beauty from Scott, every trail is just another waypoint in our grand adventure. As a bonus: we highly recommend picking up some Brooks saddles for those sore butts of yours before heading out.

It’s time to hit the slopes and get away from the stresses of modern life. While you’re up there, don’t forget your bike! Gear up with our XL – Scott Genius 940 Mountain Bike so that you can shred any trail at any time. Wild adventures await you on the mountain trails or near oceans of sand. However, some things can’t always protect themselves from rocks and shifting terrain. Protect your bike with Scott Protection Extraordinaire! We offer a range of tools to ensure your saddle is cinched tight like an old cowboy in Montana’s best saloon. Do you feel like your mountain bike is just sitting in the back of your garage collecting dust? Well, it’s time to bust that bad boy out and get riding! The XL – Scott Genius 940 Mountain Bike will have you efficiently gliding down any hill and tearing up the trails. With Sharp handling courtesy of 20-inch wheels, 120mm travel suspension paired with a TwinLoc Suspension System, Shimano drivetrain components, and Syncros components, this bike can do it all. It doesn’t matter if you’re on paved streets or steep dirt tracks; jet through corners at top speeds, or cruise over long distances on flat surfaces. This bike can handle every trail imaginable as well as every individual rider’s needs.