Whale watching has been the Aloha state’s biggest tourism draw for decades. Venture into their winter home with our attentive crew and naturalists to mark this miraculous rite of passage that sees these incredible creatures play, bask in the sun and sing songs a part of the rich lineage of an ancient species thought to have spent 65 million years swimming our oceans. This treasured experience is not one to be missed if you are looking for a laid-back way to spend your Afternoon off from work listening to tales around a Hawaiian campfire about the days when Kapoho Bay was filled with whales. Gather on the deck of our comfortable catamaran as you choose where to sit. Enjoy breathtaking views of Maui’s famous mountains and lush green valley. Keep your binoculars at the ready because we guarantee an up-close experience with these majestic creatures that have been swimming OUR oceans for 65 million years and who continue to amaze us each year they return to give birth! They surf-skate atop the water like playful children, leap high into the air from their family pods, dive deep down in search of krill or jellyfish – but most distinctively are those times when they sing a hauntingly beautiful tune just above the surface, causing hairs on our arms to stand straight up as though singing along too.

Imagine you with your family, enjoying the vibrant colors from countless shades of the rainbow as they creep across a stunning sea. The sound of seagulls circling overhead and calling to one another, their raucous cries mixing in with that soothing swish-swash of water on sand. A majestic whale wakes just offshore while its giant pectoral fin breaks through waves like open arms welcoming all who dare to swim ashore. And beyond this glorious scene, towering cliffs and lush rainforest capture every memory to last a lifetime! Promise fulfilled. Get out on the water and experience one of the most breathtaking sights in nature. Pure happiness is watching Humpback Whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) as they play, bask and give birth to a new generation in our peaceful ocean backyard. Scientists tell us that whales have been swimming our oceans for the past 65 million years – so it should be no surprise that their songs sound as old as time itself. Sail with our attentive crew and Naturalists. We’ll welcome these incredible creatures like never before because we want you to see them playing while basking in your private oasis of peace.

Kihei, HI, is a warm paradise for whale watching year-round. Ride along on an adventure with our attentive crew and naturalists as we welcome the whales to their winter home. You won’t regret it! Our favorite perk? Guaranteed sightings of these incredible creatures like never before- they playfully bask in, swim alongside us, or give birth to a new generation right out here in our peaceful ocean backyard at any time during our cruises. Scientists tell us that the songs of Megaptera novaeangliae (the Pacific Humpback Whale) sound as old as time itself- enjoy spotting them from our cozy boat or step ashore onto pristine beaches where trails lead you through lush land untouched by man with every turn more beautiful.

This delightful whale adventure is a perfect way to spend the day. Seas of blue, green, and sandy beaches await you as we sail out into our ocean’s backyard to watch these amazing creatures play and hang out in their natural habitat. There’s no guarantee that you won’t spot whales on this tour! Come experience it with us today — You deserve it.