The Maui Ocean Rafting Private Whale Watching Tour is the best way for you to see these fantastic creatures. Choose from a 2 hr private outing or per-person rates. No other tour will allow you that close to these gentle giants, not in this country! Check out our website and book your spot today. Join us aboard our 30ft hard-bottom ocean raft. Enjoy comfortable seating for up to 16 passengers and spectacular views of Maui’s gentle giants from the best seats in town. Choose from a Per Person outing or a 2 Hour Private Whale Watch. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime experience. You might be thinking a private rafting adventure is just for “big-wig” corporate executives. But Hawaii Ocean Rafting offers Private Whale Watching trips as well. We have the island’s only oceanfront staging system, so you can enjoy a sneaky up-close view of these gentle giants while still keeping a safe distance away from them. Book your seat on this 2-hour whale watching tour now and avoid the crowds.

Enjoy swimming time with these gentle giants from the best seats in town. Our Exclusive Maui rafting tours give you up-close and personal, one-on-one time. Think about it: a 2-hour private whale watch is entirely inclusive of all gear or fishing license fees, so you don’t have to worry about surprises when your excited family members pay a small fortune for life jackets! You can also choose between a Per Person outing or a Private adventure (required middle school education). Take two get one free! Hawaii Ocean Rafting guarantees our clients in-the-water encounters with whales. With every private whale watch booked, we’ll send out a FREE Maui rafting trip at the same time. Happy Sailing, and Here We Go Again.

Enjoy the enchanting experience of up-close whale watching from Maui, Hawaii. Get in touch with nature and make memories to share with your friends and family back home! You’ll join our experienced crew as we embark on a tour out into their natural habitat. Imagine sitting among these majestic creatures thousands of miles away from land – they swim incredibly close by just for you. Plus, you can even hear them singing below the surface. It’s a very immersive experience that will leave you amazed, rejuvenated, and refreshed. Picture standing on the shore and watching as a whale is only meters away. Join Maui Lahaina’s Up-Close Whale Watching tour for an experience unlike any other. We guarantee that you will never see whales up close without traveling to Hawaii! Two hours isn’t enough time to soak in the beauty of Hawaii’s beaches. Get a thrill with an up-close whale watching tour off the coast of beautiful Maui. Hear them sing through our hydrophone as we put it into the water on this 60-minute tour! You’ll be in awe at how close these gentle giants are, and you might even spot one breaching! Plus, you can share your memories with others by going home with photos that make everyone want to visit this magical place themselves. Don’t worry; we offer tours from other states with different species of whales closer to home!