On this exclusive two-day package, you will experience a collection of the most excellent hotels and resorts more than once. You’ll be able to experience life in East Maui’s roadside lava flows and waterfalls, play on gorgeous beaches with some of the best surf waves in Hawaii, explore unique hidden gems of unplugged culture, visit top attractions without the long lines because nobody else is staying there early or late in the day. Experience entering extensive lush forest trails where many tropical birds sing into your ears, driving you wild with delight. So many people get caught up in planning their perfect Maui vacation, only to find out they can’t fit everything in and have to make tough decisions. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen the Hana Coastline on a two-day journey! It’s a must-do if you want to experience more of the lush forests, misty waterfalls, hidden beaches at your own pace because there’s nowhere else we’d rather be than bathed in tropical beauty. In contrast, unwinding and de-stressing with one of our concierge services like an adventurous zipline tour through natural bamboo corridors or hitting tranquil swimming spots under cascading granite-filled waterfalls without any rush – seriously consider this as your next visit.

If you’re heading out on vacation soon, don’t pass up the opportunity to plan a two-day Hana trip. Spend more time exploring one of the most beautiful parts of Hawaii by coming back for another day when your itinerary permits and revel in the serene solitude that often comes with privacy. It’s an excellent way to get away from your hectic life and explore much more than just what can be seen during a single visit, as there are always discoveries to be made. Grab your sunblock and sunglasses, pack some snacks if necessary, head out with someone you love, or laugh with new friends right beside you: it’s time for a Maui adventure.

The 2-Day Hana Trip offers adventurers a chance to explore Hana, Hawaii’s scenic beauty and breathtaking landscapes, with those who know her best in two days. On this journey, you’ll follow the Road to Hana’s steep curves as you go deep into Nature—starting your day at those waterfalls that beg for a swim. Keep driving away from the crowds and following winding mountain roads where there are plenty more surprises waiting around every corner. Embrace extreme adventures like hiking through bamboo forests or exploring private gardens on our daily stops before finishing each day off at popular destinations like Garden of Eden, Keanae-weird coastline made of lava rock, and sweet Aunt Sandy’s Banana Bread Cafe.

Explore and enjoy Maui’s pristine beauty from a new perspective. Balance your adventurous side with finding peace among tropical gardens, walking through ancient lava tubes, and experiencing the thrill of Nature incarnate in an up-close encounter with Green Sea Turtles! This two-day trip will also take you to see the best-kept secret beaches and places where man meets the sea along the magnificent Hana Road, then make sure to stop at one of our favorite restaurants for lunch before heading back home on our comfortable buses. Pack your bag, hop in the car, and get ready to go on a fantastic trip. No worries if you don’t know how to pack – we thought of that too! We provide fresh local banana bread loaves for snacks. Bottled water is always on hand (just in case), headlamps so you can see at night time, and a first aid kit with everything you need from band-aids to Dramamine. Bring along this two-day Hana Trip to give you all the necessities for island living!