First off, if you're looking for the best rental experience Maui has to offer, we've got what you need.

Only our rentals include heavy-duty security chains and helmets so that you know your scooter will always be there when you come back to get it. Our high-end Genuine brand means we know each of our products inside and out, so all of our repairs are carried out by licensed professionals! No more broken down vehicles after the first time a cable pops or wheels give in on those pesky hills in Kihei! Get up with ease on any hilltop with these seven-speed models available as well – no other company can say they provide this level of fulfillment without sacrificing quality.

Exploration is the name of the game when you hit the tarmac on a Tiki Scooter

This means getting to take that scenic route around our oasis and reveling in every single twisty turn to discover what lies beyond. These tiny vehicles are perfect for meandering explorations because they’ve been built for agility and quick maneuvers with powertrains as powerful as ever can be legally enforced. You’ll feel like you’re scooting around Maui on top of an air mattress (but with more traction), so get up, use some energy, and explore something new!

When you need a break from your adventure, turn yourself into an unstoppable island force with one ride on these beautiful scooters. Live the authentic Maui lifestyle and get around all those sharp inclines like it’s nothing but a stroll!

Hang loose Maui style with Tiki Scooters Kihei, Maui. Explore the beautiful island of Maui and enjoy an unforgettable ride back to your hotel on a genuine high-end scooter from Tiki! 

Scoot as far as you want without worry: Carnival Pics has secured all of its devices with heavy-duty security chains and helmets so you can go worry-free on your bike rental.

Tiki Scootering is an absolute blast for those of us not in the mood to fish, surf, or paddle around. It’s all about leisure and exploration! On our great Genuine brand scooters, we’ll take you up and down the hills of Kihei, Maui, with ease. Ride off into adventure while your thighs scream their approval from exhaustion! Our rental packages include all heavy-duty security chains and safety helmets – don’t forget your sunscreen so you can end this day of thrills glowing gold like the sunset on our west coast beaches.

Hop in the saddle and prepare to have a blast on your Maui rental scooter. You’ll be taking an exhilarating ride full of beautiful sights like rainforests, waterfalls, beaches, and more! We offer only high-end Genuine brand scooters with the most potent engines allowed by law so you can power up those hills like nobody’s business. All of our rentals come with heavy-duty security chains and helmets to ensure your piece of peace on this earth is not interrupted for even one second.

Wherever you go, people are jealous. The envy bugs will probably have to get their own Tiki Scooter if they hope to keep up with you!