You have a Maui vacation coming up, and you’re running out of ideas. ‘Deadbeats!’ I hear you say, ‘we want something unique.’ Well, how about The Maui Butterfly Farm Tour? Experience the beautiful habitat home to our rare native Hawaiian Lepidoptera for 45 minutes of entomological exploration! This immersive experience will show you all sorts of butterflies, including some cool Polynesian ones like this Burnshaw’s Swallowtail! Remember to watch your hand going past those silken pupae in case one jumps at it from behind glass-you could never guess, but adult Swallowtails can be dangerously aggressive. Fun for all ages, the Maui Butterfly Farm Tour features an educational walk through fields of live butterflies! This tour will feature a unique behind-the-scenes look at how we develop our caterpillars into full-grown butterflies. If you’re not afraid of getting up close and personal with these gorgeous bugs, this is the perfect excursion for you! All proceeds from tours go to supporting Monarch Conservation efforts across North America. It’s time to get butterflies.

Our Maui Butterfly farm tours are a “must-see” on your tropical island vacation. Visitors get to explore and learn about these enchanting creatures up close as we guide you through the indoor butterfly exhibit. All tours include an educational explanation of how butterflies transform from larvae into pupa with the subsequent emergence of adult butterflies (depending on available funding and seasons). Our tours also provide differing programs for students in grades K-6th. All other visitors can enjoy our 150 ft rainforest nature walk to see live exotic plants, animals, birds, frogs, & crabs in their unique environments found only in West Maui’s Olowalu Valley. Wander through towering palm trees and learn about the lifecycle of a butterfly—right here in Lahaina! Voted one of the top 10 things to do on Maui, see thousands upon millions of these winged creatures buzzing around us. Immerse yourself in their colorful world while we walk you through every step of life as a caterpillar up until they make that magnificent transformation into an adult butterfly. Feel free to stick around after to chat or feed our hungry insect friends right before releasing them back into the wild. What are you waiting for? It’s time you had a magenta encounter with Mother Nature at The Maui Butterfly Farm Tour.

This is the perfect family vacation for first-timers! See these colorful tropical insects up close and personal, get insight into their habits and habitats from friendly staff members, and be able to walk around hands-on. The Maui Butterfly Farm Tour lasts about 45 minutes, while other tours last for 1 hour or 3 hours. We have an ultimate solution if you’re like me and are looking for the perfect escape. Get away from everything and experience paradise with our Maui Butterfly Farm Tour. You’ll be whisked off to a tropical destination where you can walk through acres of captivating butterflies in complete serenity. We’ve got your next getaway right here.

If the Hawaiian Islands is your next vacation destination, you’ll want to consider a visit to The Maui Butterfly Farm! There’s nothing more agreeable than slow breezes, tropical flowers dotting the landscape side, and all-around plants in a vast kaleidoscope of colors. Kids will love learning about some of Hawaii’s iconic animal species, while adults can enjoy the variety of beautiful exotic plant life indigenous only to this Island chain. You should take time out for an educational tour at our butterfly farm today – it will be one day you won’t forget anytime soon!