Find your perfect wave. Our surf instructors know the best spots, how to handle your board and what locks work for beginners of all ages. So take some downtime between Maui adventures or a full-blown adventure with us! And don’t worry, we’re here for you! We’ll push you into the breaks, so you get lots of practice in. Who doesn’t want to go surfing and explore the waves on Little Mala? We’re Maui’s most innovative surf experience company. Book a pack of your bags because you are about to change the definition of vacation on this island paradise.

Get out on the water and catch some waves! Maui Ocean Sports’ professional surf instructors will teach you all about standing up, paddling, carrying your board – then we’ll introduce you to the best of what Hawaii’s west-coast surfing has to offer. Aloha for a day in paradise. Do you have an adventurous spirit and love the ocean? Surf lessons are for you. Here at Maui Waves, we will teach you all about surfing safety, how to surf, stand up on the board, and paddle. We’ll get you in some of the best waves around with coaching from our experienced local pros! All your questions will be answered during your lesson so don’t worry if surfing is new to you or not something that people do where you’re originally from – this is going to be a blast. “Best Surf Experience on Maui!” It starts with a safety lesson, and after that, you get to surf the most waves possible! Our team is here for you, so we’ll push you into other waves, coach you and help paddle! Let’s have some fun out in the beautiful ocean. Challenge yourself today.

You’ve never felt it until you try it: dipping your toes in the water, waiting for a wave to pounce on. What feels like an eternity becomes just one, and then another–at last, you think that impossible moment of weightlessness and release as the waves go by, carrying you with them. It makes every technique worth teaching 100 times over. So if you’re looking for hours of fun down on the shoreline or at sea without any work whatsoever, then don’t hesitate; courses are guaranteed to be tantalizingly memorable. Save time and money with our Maui surf lessons.

Along with our renowned instructors, we are committed to providing you with the very best surf experience Maui has to offer. We complete beginners lessons as well as advanced waves for expert boarders like yourself!

Join us at Waves N More Surf Lessons on beautiful Maui, where a surfing trip is guaranteed to make any vacation unforgettable. Our passionate instructors are here to show you everything from paddling and standing up on your board, sometimes even while reading a book, to get you comfortable in the water. Once they’ve covered all of the safety information, then it’s time for us coaches-to-be, excuse me, I meant teachers, to put you on some of Hawaii’s most memorable waves and teach you how to take them down. 

Whether you’re a beginner who wants to learn how to stand up-surf, or an experienced surfer looking for coach feedback, we can make your wish come true. Get in now for summer only. Have the best time of your life on the beaches of Hawaii. Relaxing conditions, friendly surf instructors who are there for you! Book now and have the experience to remember forever!