The first International destination of 2017 is here!

 After a long wait, a vacation spot that much needs to be captured in all its untouched beauty and mystery has arrived. One week ago, the beautiful island of Maui was recently struck with yet another vicious storm leaving it with no power and confined residents without supplies or aid. We are happy to announce that after many weeks, electricity and most major necessities have been restored on the island by now.

Not only is the power back, but there is a new urgency for our neighboring communities, who are still struggling amid these difficult times thanks to recent donations from concerned companies like ours. The perfect way to escape the daily grind and enjoy a vacation with your dog, our Maui SUP tours are sure to help you shake off any worries of life back at home.

Explore one of the most beautiful places on Earth and all its untouched natural beauty:

  • Turtles
  • Monk seals
  • Humpback whales

Along this paddleboard excursion built for two people, you’ll move through a tranquil mangrove forest filled with egrets and herons. Wildlife is abundant here – even when it feels like there’s nothing but the ocean surrounding us! 

We are local experts on Maui and offer the best prices on activities that get you out on, in, or near water. A one-day SUP school on the pristine beaches of Maui will start with mimosas and breakfast tacos when you meet at 9 am for your surf session. You’ll cruise through the waves, explore beginner to advanced techniques and spend plenty of time enjoying this tropical paradise. Graduates of our program are invited to come back whenever they’re in town, and we’re running classes on their boards without a charge! Returners also get access to exclusive lessons and discounts.

Get ready to get your toes wet because we’re going on an adventure! If you’re looking for a bit of adrenaline rush right in the comfort of paradise’s warm water and cool breeze, then pack your bags and head to SUP Maui 101. Here you’ll find our excellent instructors always prepared to take you out on the ocean waves. You may not be able to see it, but don’t worry; we’ll do everything they can so that you know where it is – even if it means getting up close and personal with sharks or popping their surfer bubbles! Before heading back onto shore, don’t forget sunscreen because there’s more fun ahead only minutes from now: canoeing KAHO’OLAWE!

Join us for our iconic Marine Experience Package, which includes an exciting 90-minute catamaran dive tour to Lanai, kayaking down a pristine river where you might catch a glimpse of the island’s rainbow trout population up close and personal (guaranteed spotting!), and snorkeling with the gentle Hawaiian green sea turtle (seasonal)! Our water-based adventures afloat will leave your heart pumping while instilling a sense of belonging—an actual place called home! An unforgettable, intimate experience on Hawaii’s most serene ocean waters. Experience SUP Maui 101 with us and see what awaits ye!