This is a great way to relax and leave the day behind by cuddling with goats.

Maui Goat Yoga with Live Music provides yoga practice in a gorgeous location overlooking Maui’s coastline and mountainsides while spending time one-on-one with our goats, including head massages, ear rubs, belly tickles, or just taking pictures! We provide mats for rent at $5 per mat before class starts. This event includes an hour of farm-fresh goat milk. In contrast, your goat momma lets her kids lead you through their version of vinyasa flow yoga, followed up by 20 minutes of deep relaxation where participants are encouraged to snuggle next to one of our adorable pygmy goat babies here on our Maui farm.

What could be better than sitting next to a goat on the beach?

Sunset Maui Goat Yoga with Live Music is open to all looking for a fun and relaxing way to end their day. Join us at sunset as we teach both beginner and advanced students using different yoga poses that will make your muscles feel great! Remember to bring water wear, towel or mat if you’d like one.

Experience Maui like never before with this Sunset Goat Yoga session!

This 15-minute class begins with a discussion of health and wellness, followed by two hours of guided relaxation. By the end, you will be refreshed, feeling at peace, and restored to your most authentic self. 

Featuring warm temperatures and natural beauty from every angle—including nearby goats—-this yoga retreat is sure to clear your mind while relaxing your body. All proceeds go towards conservation efforts on Maui, so come ready to tackle life head-on but remember that taking time out for yourself is essential too. 

There is no need to figure out the perfect Instagram filter, no planning your Snapchat story, but still, stay connected and follow along with goat yoga class challenges. With Maui Goat Yoga, you can experience all the benefits of elevated animal-assisted therapy while having tons of fun! You’ll go home smiling ear-to-ear from this offering that includes a 1 hour and 15-minute session where either two people or one person will be upon their mat doing yoga poses led by our goats – these animals love interacting with humans and are very friendly! If you’re looking for something unique and enjoyable, then look no further because sunset Maui goat yoga is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Maui Goat Yoga is the best yoga class ever.

Get your mind and body to a state of peace with goats, an instructor to guide you through poses, live music from local artists, and breathtaking views of Maui’s coastline. Whether this one-hour class is for beginners or experienced yogis, it’s sure to give you all the “chill vibes.” Relax while cuddling with baby goats, take your time trying different postures at your own pace, learn about how goat-assisted therapy can improve moods and relieve stress due to their naturally curious disposition; it just might be one of the most therapeutic experiences at home or on vacation!