If you’re looking to do Maui the best way, start your day with the Sunrise Deluxe Snorkel Makena. You’ll enjoy Maui Coffee Roasters coffee and Ghiradelli hot chocolate while watching a breathtaking sunrise at 5:25 am. Watch it from Molokini Crater or showcase its beauty on the water as our boat cruises back into A-Bay on an early morning cruise. Kai Kanani’s Sunrise Deluxe Snorkel is genuinely the most exclusive, highest-rated, and most beautiful snorkeling tour on Maui. Glide past schools of colorful fish and enjoy unique views that you can only appreciate when the surface is undisturbed by large crowds!

Waking up early and catching the sunrise is one of the most treasured moments on vacation. We invite you to participate in the Maui Sunrise Deluxe Snorkel tour: Drink rich, hot coffee from Maui Coffee Roasters to get your day going, dip into an observatory style activity at Molokini Crater for a couple of hours before dawn, then enjoy one of Maui’s famous cinnamon rolls or fresh fruit while admiring Haleakala and views of Hawaii’s Big Island as we welcome in that golden sun! It will certainly be a memory that lasts. So enjoy your time before the group starts on their first dive location, Molokini Pier. Here you can see rare animals such as monk seals, spinner dolphins, and blue Hawaiian sea turtles in a shallow sand garden with visibility of up to 100 feet because snorkelers never enter deeper than 30 feet!

But that’s not all – you might even catch a glimpse of some humpback whales, which happen to be very close, depending on the season. And suppose you’re an adventure seeker looking for something new. In that case, we have options with gusto – passengers will hang off the side of a boat and watch through glass bottom boats which are more expensive but allow for underwater viewing as no other tour operators offer.

Kaea Kai is a chartered snorkel boat in Maui. Enjoy the more exclusive, personal diving experience at Kalamazoo Bay on our boat with only eight guests per trip. Open bar and meals included. There is nothing better than resting atop the water on secure floaties and then hopping off the boat straight into a day of snorkeling in our crystal-clear waters with turtles. Yes! At your invitation, the Turtle Town crew awaits to greet you in their net enclosure for an educational swim experience while feeding green sea turtles. Dawn and dusk are also popular times to visit these historic endangered animals before they finish their dreamy nap (dreaming of all those delicious fish!). Arrive early for a cinnamon roll or enjoy traditional American breakfast options with your friends after a whole morning of snorkeling on this Morning Walkabout.

Sunrise Deluxe Snorkel Adventure Makena, Maui, is the best snorkel adventure tour in Hawaii, which offers up to 45 minutes of solitude with our South Maui location. Our guests enjoy a sunrise overview of Molokini and then head out for one-hour self-guided snorkeling at Turtle Town before returning to Maluaka Beach. Kai Kanani is a Maui snorkel company dedicated to exploring the rich biodiversity of Hawaii’s coral reefs. We also offer Hawaiian dishes while you explore various destinations, such as kayaking in Lana’i waters. Join our crew for an unforgettable experience that will not only make your days off memorable but give you memories to last a lifetime!