Get your Stand Up Paddle Yoga on with the ocean and tropical morning sun, refreshing tiki drinks, and views of world-renowned landmarks. You will be gently led in movements by our skilled instructors while learning to stand up on a paddleboard while paddling like a pro! Let go of any anxieties you have ever had about being far from the shoreline. Everyone has done it before, and trust us– no one falls! We want to share this traditional Hawaiian activity with all visitors because we believe that everyone can enjoy the experience of surfing even if they’ve never tried it before. Take a stand-up paddleboard yoga class every postcard-perfect morning at the breathtaking Lāhaina Town Beach Park. The sunrise is just as stunning as your posture, while the gentle waves of Ka’anapali offer plenty of opportunities for sore muscles and strong abs following class.

Stand Up Paddle Yoga: the combination of balance and Bikram.

Stand-up paddle yoga is a specialized form of yoga performed on stand-up paddles boards. Participants will be guided through a creative blend of traditional asanas or postures combined with ocean-centered aerobic exercises in this fun but challenging surf sport class. You’ll get your blood pumping, release your limitations while working on your core strength and improve cardiovascular health all at once.

Fancy something that focuses more on breathing than balancing? Join for an hour-long Bikram-themed session to experience an intensified journey into the ancient yogic tradition. It is geared explicitly towards practitioners looking to deepen their practice or explore different styles. Get ready to move. Now you can enjoy the benefits of exercise and meditation while lying on a board paddling through the ocean water. Hydro-fit classes provide a fantastic cardio workout with new challenges like surfing, yoga poses, and meditative balance. The best part is that the course is still only 90 minutes – so for four Saturdays, your company paid for Friday afternoon paddleboarding.

Find yourself on deserted beaches among the waves, or better yet, atop a stand paddle board challenging yourself to alternate your paddling & standing. This is not just any day of yoga at the beach; it’s STAND UP PADDLE YOGA! It’s a resounding “in-to-the trenches” kind of yoga experience that will rewire your body way past tomorrow morning. Greet each wave with an ocean spirit and watch as this sport becomes another avenue for meditation & awakening to life.

Promise you hadn’t felt this calm since before you were even a convict. Introducing Stand Up Paddle Yoga 117 Prison St. Starting with the flow, we take to the water and start paddling in pairs- navigating the waves by tilting our balance from side to side. This sustainable sport is specially designed for those looking for a low-impact workout that needs very little mobility outside of bending over. Plus, it starts too early, so don’t worry about getting out of bed before work. Stand-up paddle yoga will take you on a journey around the world in under 2 hours. Stand up and get moving.