For most people, a vacation is a perfect time to unwind.

For you? Not so much. Why should you be any different? You’re all about that next-level living! So come and leave your work at home while joining our fitness experts in Kula, Hawaii, for our yoga with goats sleeping under the stars. These gentle creatures have endless amounts of stress relief, plus they’ll force all your worries away before you get a chance to worry about them on this Hawaiian paradise-come-true destination! And who needs sleep when there are late-night bonfires?

Love yoga with goats?

Want something special for your vacation visit to Kula, Hawaii?

Well, then we have just the thing! The Special Event Buy-Out (SEBO) is perfect for those looking to get away from it all while spending time in a five-star resort. Your SEBO includes a one-hour private class and lesson on how to work with the goats for Instagram fame; head over heels welcome drink and massage at our luxurious spa; evening’s dinner at an up-market restaurant featuring a five-course menu after sunset, prepared by one of the world’s top chefs, Alain Ducasse plus wine pairings. You’ll leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Discover the Big Island of Hawaii with a stay at Kalu Kula Nui. Imagine walking to your yoga class, on the beach, with foaming waves crashing in front of you and wild goats bounding around all over – greeting you with their soft velvet noses as they nuzzle up against your legs for some attention! Breathe deeply, close your eyes and listen as two hundred yogis perform synchronized Oms in unison.

The mountain might be out-of-reach, but it’ll still feel like home when stocked blenders whirl fruit into sweet fruity smoothies or blending green leaves into creamy hot drinks deliberately warmed to bodily temperature thanks to lucky set-up by our professional chefs who love how friendly these tiny creatures are too.

With this Buy-Out, you and your guests will be welcomed to Hawaii with a refreshing Mai Tai. After yoga on the beach, savor locally caught seafood dinner right on the ocean at sunset in front of fabulous ocean views. Next, your group will get up close and personal with some friendly goats!

With both style and adventure, there’s never been a better time for an Aloha adventure; we’re now taking reservations for our Yoga with Goats event exclusively out of Kula, Hawaii. If you are planning a private yoga event, this is the place for you- it feels like paradise!

Head to Kula, Hawaii, for a spiritual trip. If you need a break from reality, this is the spot. You’ll love our retreats, where yogis come together and share their practices through practicing yoga outside in nature and just taking in all of the beauty that’s around them. 

Find your way out of any blues by spending some time here on Earth -get back to what matters! Experience something different by sitting under trees, reading yoga reminders, or even meditating near some baby goats during times like this at Totally Blissed Out Retreats in beautiful Hawaii.