Behold the beauty of Maui’s vibrant coral reef from our snorkeling tour and immerse yourself in the ocean life from beach to depth. So you’ve snorkeled a few times before but have always been frustrated by not being close enough and having to come up for air repeatedly? You need to get out on the back of our boat with captain Rickey. A peaceful half-day snorkel tour around Maui will make it possible for you to swim alongside turtles, dolphins, and even giant spotted eagle rays! (Or if that sounds too extreme, at least we managed to get the word “Snorkelling” into this sentence five times).

Take off your shoes and set yourself free with a half-day snorkeling tour to some of Maui’s most intriguing, little-visited spots. You’ll see an open horizon as well as the great ocean depths. Swim with tropical fish squealing around you. Snorkel in caves were ancient Hawaiians once made prayers on the stone steps, or swim over sunken ships where a hundred years ago sailors played euchre and smoked cigars at their helm while drinking coffee from China cups brought from Boston. The site that attracted us today is Lanai Kaanapali Rainbow Bay – voted by Hawaiian newspaper readers as one of Hawaii’s best snorkel sites.

Part of the thrill is to explore new and fantastical underwater worlds. With Snorkeling Maui, you can feel like a true adventurer chartering your ocean adventure. If you’re ready to take on some waves, or want something more serene than exploring our pristine reefs by boat, then hop on board for a day of Sailfish Snorkeling & Sea Scooter Adventures.

We allow up to 9 guests per excursion, so get out there and be adventurous! We’ll help provide beach snacks, eats & drinks as well as complimentary snorkel gear rental. Safety first at all times, so we have safety briefing demonstrations before each tour too. Explore the West Maui Channel waters in search of colorful, exotic, and rare marine life. Explore this part of Hawaii largely untouched by a man while bobbing up and down on a safe boat ride with common sense Captain Chris Dugan on one of his morning snorkeling trips.

Your adventure begins in front of the Whalers Village at picturesque Kaanapali Beach. Step aboard our comfortable boat and cruise out toward Molokini crater, where you will have a chance to spot whales, dolphins, and sea turtles on your way. After about an hour of snorkeling the reefs surrounding this extinct volcano, you are ready for lunch which is included with your package! Cruise back towards land for some well-deserved Hamoa pineapple after a swim in Lanai’s warm waters. Set off for an individual Snorkelling half-day charter in the breath-taking waters of Lanai to spend a fascinating morning or lunchtime exploring colorful reefs and hidden underwater sea caves.

Images and sounds will soon be imprinted on your memory as you take time out under the sun lounger to share light snacks from our complimentary cooler. Of course, there’s no need for haste – after all, this is your holiday! After a while, it’s time to ascend, return the snorkel gear (which we’ll also have loaded onto our boat at set-off), and get ready for some well-deserved relaxation on that very same shoreline breeze before you.