We know that surfing can be a daunting yet exhilarating experience. But with us on your side, it’s an incredible journey! Our certified instructors make learning to surf private and semi-private lessons Maui easy for all ages, shapes, and sizes. We offer daily morning group lessons (ages 7-11) and scheduled group lesson sessions throughout the week, being offered at an unbelievable price. Rentals are standardly included in our Semi lineup if you don’t want to bring your board or have them available for purchase. All of our boards are of excellent quality from different brands, so whether you’re here for only one day or staying indefinitely. There is a surfboard for everyone’s needs.

It’s just 2 hours long, and by the time it ends, you’ll know what surfing is all about. Spend your day getting to know Maui’s most iconic beach, Ka’anapali Beach, with our skilled instructor. Learn a few basic techniques in this short lesson that will give you an excellent start on the perfect wave! Your certificate of completion can be picked up at the Lahaina Outdoor Activities office following your surf session; don’t forget to take advantage of their rentals – gear such as boards and wetsuits are available for beginner surfers. Get some local culture on this list of things to do in Maui! You’ll get a boost of energy after your history lesson, and then you can work off some sugar at the nearby Coconut Glen’s. Afterward, sign up for a 2-hour Semi-Private Surf Lesson with our certified instructors here at Lahaina Surf Shack on Front St. We offer private lessons where you’ll have one instructor to guide you along the way; or group lessons where up to four people will share one instructor for more cost-efficiency.

Your daydreaming, overwater sinner. Your melting summer smile! Let the curl of the waves draw you in and take you back to childhood. Lost status updates will be a distant memory while you’re experiencing a semi-private surf lesson on Maui’s sunny shoreline with Lahaina Surf Shack and their most fabulous instructors! Grab your free shaved ice card for all activities (one per person) and ride into the sea with renewed hope for tomorrow’s install-worthy post! Take photos of waves crashing at Semiahmoo state park year-round or head down south where that crystal clear water greets your toes and sends tingles up your spine just as soon as you step foot on the sand. 

You want to spend your time in Hawaii on the beach and in the water, not stuck indoors. Spend an hour with a surf instructor at Lahaina Surf Shack for a woman-only semi-private lesson and get back out there! Dive into surfing as you develop skills while having fun. You’ll learn quickly and have all of Maui’s beautiful beaches to enjoy. This 2-hour lesson is perfect for everyone who wants hands-on instruction from pros, meeting new people, learning techniques that will make surfing much easier afterward, getting free shaved ice before or after the lesson; it’s everything you want in an introduction to surfing.

Picture yourself on a beach in Hawaii with toes in the sand and waves crashing behind you. You’re about to take your first steps towards a new adventure, which starts right now! It’s the best feeling ever when you take your first surf lesson. With our 2-hour Semi-Private Surf Lesson experience, Lahaina Surf Camp is there by your side through every step of the process. So don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity—seize the day and learn to surf today!