What would you expect to find here? The bright blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. Lush green palm trees swaying in the breeze. A gorgeous white-sand beach lined with coconut palms or rising from below is a stretch of the sparkling turquoise sea. It’s no wonder guests rate our stand-up paddling lesson as one of their favorite Maui activities.

A semi-private lesson has all sorts of perks: not only will you be learning alongside someone who might feel more like a new friend than an instructor, but that shaved ice (the ultimate treat for hot days) goes down better when shared between friends too. And extras—like tips on how to take photos on your phone and choosing the right gear for this adventure. Paddleboarding is the fastest-growing sport in America, and there’s no better place to learn than Maui! Haven’t you always wanted to stand up on a waterboard and avoid rogue waves? Well, now you can. When it comes time for your Maui vacation, give us a call about it – we’ll teach you how. Bring someone special or come solo: all shapes, sizes, ages welcome.

It’ll be like you never left home for this classic Hawaiian experience. With a half-hour of instruction and water time in that perfect point-five ocean swell, we promise you won’t have to think twice about what to do with your paddle board should it break down again. Lahaina Surf Shack is the newest in Maui, HI’s stand-up paddle scene. With free shaved ice and a certificate of completion, not only will you learn how to stand on a board, but this will be one lesson that brings you back to your carefree days as a kid! Gather your friends and join us for a day of laughs in the sun while honing your skills.

Let Lahaina Surf Shack be your guide on the waves of joy. Fun for all ages, shapes, and sizes! A complete instructional adventure awaits you at Maui’s best SUP school. Spend the day in nature learning to stand up paddleboard with a certified instructor by your side. You will receive free shave ice after each lesson, along with coupons for future surf excursions through our professional organization. Students will also receive certificates of completion that are available shortly after finishing their experience. Finally, upon completion of the lessons, we take pride in ensuring all students have proper training in CPR and first-aid due to safety measures and instruction requirements for course certification.

Relinquish the hot, humid coastal air for fresh and cool breezes of Maui’s north shore. Centered in a picturesque cove surrounded by native rainforest vegetation on the edge of Lahaina, this surf shack is primed to get you into the liquid rhythms. With knowledgeable instructors presenting self-developed curriculums with tailored lessons, stand-up paddle surfing has never been easier or more accessible than here at Lahaina Surf Shack. Just like swimmers experience turbulence when they breakwater—this will sound familiar if you’ve ever taken a class before!—stand-up paddlers need stability to establish their balance to ride waves efficiently and catch other currents (ouch!) But don’t lose hope!