Become a member of the underwater club. We’ve searched for the best reefs and present them to you in a casual, fun setting with easy-to-operate sea jets that put you at eye level with all living things. Let’s explore together, shall we? Introducing Sea Jet Coral Excursion. Better late than never! Explore the beautiful reefs at Napili Bay and other local reefs in West Side Maui after a quick lesson, tour, and operating the underwater sea jets. Meet your coral reef and turtle expert Emily with each best choice for visibility on that day–lookout for green turtles, starfish, butterflyfish, octopuses, rays, eels, and more. It’s an adventure like no other.

Not into scuba? Never fear because this is underwater exploration. On a sea turtle safari, pick up your Sea Jets camouflage wetsuit and jet around the coral reef at Napili Bay. These water jets put you in the driver’s seat as you explore our beautiful ocean waters while learning how to operate them safely. You will have one hour of instruction before exploring what life below the surface is all about. Want to discover the rich underwater ecosystems only found in Hawaii? Join us on a Sea Jet Coral Excursion off West Maui, explore bright coral reefs and surrounding areas host to green sea turtles, swift butterflyfish, octopuses, rays, and more. Find your mini hideaways where you can camouflage yourself among vibrant sea life before diving into the deep blue waters nearby. Dive in today.

Maui sunsets are something everyone will undoubtedly talk about when they go back home, but let’s be honest- you only have so much time to take it all in. That’s where Emily from the Sea Jet Coral Excursion comes in. With a quick lesson and demonstration of how to operate her underwater sea jets, she’ll choose the best reef for that day- each reef is selected for its best visibility and turtle navigation. And there you’ll discover green sea turtles, starfish, butterflyfish, octopuses – or if your ship has sailed already – at least a way to exhaustively tune up your tan on top of one of the world’s finest reefs. Enjoy a day of snorkeling or diving with children as young as four! Explore the beautiful reef at Napili Bay and other local reefs in West Side Maui. Immediately following a quick lesson, make your way out to see green sea turtles, starfish, butterflyfish, an octopus, and more. But don’t just do it once- come back again today for another tour. You’ll be amazed by what you find here in these beautiful waters that are being so carefully protected on both sides of the island.

Get out of your comfort zone. Explore the beautiful and majestic sea world with Sea Jet Coral Excursion in West Side Maui. You’ll explore a mystical reef designed for unforgettable memories. It’s an immersive adventure that you won’t forget, so be prepared to get up-close and personal with some fantastic varieties of life below the ocean surface. After Emily, our qualified turtle expert who has been working at our company since it was founded, will create a spectacular underwater oasis just for you.