The best way to experience Maui is out on the ocean with whales.

 You don’t need a boat to go; board one of our zodiac boats where we have an expert crew that knows all about the whales and their unique journeys across the Pacific Ocean. As if being near these magnificent creatures was not enough, get refreshed by sampling local microbrews or wine onshore before returning home. We offer three different options for time frames: morning (6 hours), afternoon (4 hours), or sunset (2 hours). Sail with us today and join in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Go on a whale watching tour with Sail With The Whales Maalaea Harbor.

You’ll be able to see whales and other marine life in the warm, shallow waters of Maui. Refreshments available on board include wine and local beer. Join us on our newest sailing adventure! Sail with the Whales Maalaea Harbor is an exclusive opportunity to sail as we search for whales. We head out later in the day so that you’re sure to catch these majestic creatures who swim and sing all winter. This trip includes beverages such as local beer and wine, and kids get half off tickets! Join us on this relaxing experience where we set sail around Maui’s waters with close-distance whale watching. This mystery tour takes us home hours after sunset – perfect for catching stunning sunsets over sparkling water while sipping your favorite drinks. Board our 42′ custom sailing catamaran for an exciting afternoon experience! You will have no access to land other than the boat so enjoy the pristine blue waters as we ply upwind and down along your favorite coastline, spotting humpbacks in their natural habitat. Our captain has intimate knowledge of these waters and how best to navigate them, leaving you feeling simply at ease in our company. Providing a wide variety of high-end ales, local flavors, and unique experiences is what Sail Fast Sailing Company does best! 

Sail with the Whales is a hands-on way to experience one of Maui’s most remarkable natural attractions. Expect up close and personal encounters as we set Sail, keeping an eye out for these majestic creatures in the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Every Sail with the Whales adventure includes beverages, snacks, and 24-hour customer support, making your journey as smooth as possible. You went whale watching, but did you sail for whales? We’ve kicked the experience up a notch by giving you more marine mammals to see and firsthand the thrill of sailing. Exclusive Sail with the Whales Ma’alaea Harbor Tour from 1:00 pm-5:00 pm includes beverages including local beer & wine. 

See the majestic humpback whales in their natural habitat.

We don’t know how many whales we will encounter on any given tour, but you can always expect an adventure—these are some of nature’s most graceful and curious creatures. Sail with the Whales is a one-of-a-kind experience that cannot be matched anyplace else in our islands. Perhaps best of all, kids sail for 1/2 price. Book today!