Ride the bike like it’s your last. Ride around town or explore the countryside. With this Sub Active eRIDE, you are sure to have a blast of bike riding adventure that will make every day spent on two wheels unforgettable, as well as any adventure worth remembering. This bike is ready to take you anywhere. With the Sub Active’s high cockpit and welcoming posture, there’ll be no reason for discomfort on your journey. The tall and wide saddle also conforms to you during those long-haul rides – perfect when comfort has been a concern! Furthermore, this bike features lights that never dim, as well as an integrated rack that means it’s always city-ready. Rest assured, knowing that each ride can now be made complete with the Sub Active model.

In the mood for a bike but tired of biking in traditional places? This is why you need to hit this bike. The drop in the downtube makes it easy to get on and off your ride, while lights and racks make it ready to go outdoors at any time! This package includes custom connections that allow for two recipients of a battery-operated pedal-assist motor kit so that both people can benefit from an electric boost when they want one. There are also high-end suspension handlebars explicitly designed for comfort and a wide saddle seat to make long rides more comfortable. New riders will feel safe, too- thanks again to its strong brakes with disk pads, flashing LED tail lights, subtle frame coloration, and reflective tires.

Grab this ride to explore the countryside! The wide saddle makes a comfy seat and doesn’t go flat, even when you’re sitting in place for hours on end. And if you happen to enjoy your two-wheeled road trip solo, cruise with ease while letting someone else drive the wheel. We all deserve a day off, and with the Sub Active eRIDE 30 Unisex, you’ll feel like you’re on one every day. Not only is it lightweight and pleasant to ride, but its high cockpit makes getting on (or off) your bike more accessible than ever. And the wide saddle means never having to worry about comfort.

Finally, a bike that gets you where you’re going on vacation. Forget the crowded buses and trams; get the Scott Sub Active eRide 30 Unisex electric-assist bicycle! You have plenty of room to take your whole family around on this lightweight ride with extra legroom for those long days in the saddle. With lights built into both wheels, you’ll be able to literally “turn night into day.” Even better – no muss, no fuss: The uni-lock system takes all that work out of locking up when you reach your destination. And because riding is so much more fun than walking, we’ve even included a rear rack for carrying your luggage or shopping items whenever and wherever it’s needed. 

Let the fun and adventure of an e-bike take you on a journey through your favorite destination. Say hello to new sights, sounds, scenery, attractions that might not be too easy to explore by foot… all while still getting off the beaten path! There’s plenty to see and do with this customizable bike, as it can be outfitted for off-road or urban settings. With five levels of pedal assistance – Eco – Basic – Active – Sport and Power Modes, you’ll never feel underpowered OR overworked during your adventures because this is supposed to, after all, be FUN!