You need this bike! Leave the rest of your luggage in the backseat of the car. There’s no time to pack for a 2-weeks getaway, so that this bike will be perfect for all occasions! Long rides? Check. Double-check. Ride it up mountain tops and down ski slopes without hesitation when you’ve got this sleek and speedy machine tucked under your arm. Its lightweight frame means you can rack up countless miles on even surfaces like pavement or light gravel without feeling any extra weight on your muscles, anxiety about durability, or spinning wheels because it just glides smoothly through those cracks in between. With speeds of up to 25mph, an aerodynamic frame, a fork for speed, a carbon fiber road bike is the perfect people mover. Road bikes are designed with lightweight grades of carbon that make them ideal equipment for travel.

The two most important things you need in all your adventures? A sound mind and a sound set of wheels. With a carbon fiber road bike from Scott Addict Racing, you’ll get both without having to spend too much time shopping around or sweating over maintenance details. You’ve been waiting for the perfect mountain bike to take on vacation. With this Carbon road bike, you can go as hard and fast as it makes you feel alive, while the frame packs up into a suitcase and only weighs 5 lbs! Ride with style when it comes time to hit Ipanema Beach or make your way through the central park once light sets in. The gorgeous Lake Homes on a sunny day – picture it! You’ve just been spoiled with some of the best nectar Mother Earth has to offer, and you have only one more thing left on your “to-do” list before heading home. We want to help send you off with something as beautiful, durable, and glamorous as that dream vacation. We let our designers come up with sketches for this creation, knowing we would be creating a bicycle unique enough for any occasion, so there’s no need to hesitate when making this decision today- call now!

When you are living in the great outdoors, you can’t leave without traveling in style. Traveling light and exploring faraway places is easy with our selection of new lightweight bikes to make it there faster than ever before. Are you riding down to get some ice cream with your friends? STOP! Let us help you switch gears in double time. Your custom bike awaits, ready for a day of hanging out by the pool and sipping on frappuccinos. Top it off with a scoop of strawberry ice cream, and you’re in paradise!

We have plenty of different styles to choose from—from road bikes to electric-assist mountain bikers that are perfect for anyone who loves everything about outdoor exploration! Ready to unwind? Have you had just about enough of your 9-5 day job and long work hours? We know what would relax you. How would you like to go for a bike ride in perfect weather?