Grab your sunscreen and prepare for an adventure with Hawaii Ocean rafting! You’ll be sure to enjoy the best seats onboard our 30ft. hard-bottom ocean raft that can accommodate up to 16 passengers. Take in stunning views of Maui’s jaw-dropping coastline from this luxury sailboat while keeping cool, though outfitted with a roof, ceiling fans, plenty of shade sails, and deck umbrellas for protection from the often relentless sun. Imagine the feeling of paddling along calm waters, only to be overcome by a wave and giggling. On your private whale watching charter, we offer the best tours for up to 16 passengers on Hawai’i island or Maui, giving you access to beaches surrounded by lush tropical rainforests.

Taking an ocean raft tour in one of our 30ft hard-bottom vessels is easy and fun! Koa boats are perfect for families with children. If you are looking for a relaxing experience sailing on open water, then take one of our fishing charters while having plenty of time exploring astonishing sights at your own pace. We offer exclusive sightseeing tours and adventures outrigger riding during humpback.

Take in the sights of this island paradise with scenic whale-watching or sightseeing tours. Not just for adventure seekers, our family-friendly Maui rafting trips are perfect for your short getaway and vacations. Feel the waves on our beachfront lounge, looking out at lagoons and cliffside mountains as you go. Take a part of the island’s natural beauty with you when you visit Lahaina. Enjoy our introductory whale-watching excursions, up close to nature tours that offer some of Maui’s best scenery.

Take a private whale-watching and sightseeing tour on Hawaii’s Northeastern coast. When you embark on this scenic trip, you can enjoy the best seats in town as we cruise through Maui’s coastline, watching whales breach with their families playing in the blue-green water below or busy at leisure sunning themselves on secluded sandy lagoons right next to our raft. You will see breathtaking cliffs and vistas of dormant tuff cinder cones formed from Keoneheehee  Ľako eruptions centuries ago. Enjoy magnificent waterfalls cascading over high cliffs into deep pools with sparkling emerald green waters waiting for your exploration beneath the churning waterfall spray. Come and explore Hawaii’s coastline on a private Maui rafting experience. With 16 seats, you won’t have to worry about fighting with people who steal the desirable front row seat or being too cramped for space. The boat is rated as a scenic ocean tour rather than an adventurous rafting trip, so you can enjoy all of the beauty in comfort and sit back and relax if it becomes too much for you.

What better time to take this vacation than during your winter break? See amazing views of cliffs, sandy beaches, crashing waves, among other natural wonders, from the best seats in town. Say no to big tour buses. Drop-in behind the wheel of your own private Maui Whale-watch boat, and explore at your leisure with Hawaii Ocean Rafting Sightseeing & Lahaina Tour Private Travels. Enjoy beachfront accommodations with your private rafting tour for up to 16 people on Maui’s pristine coastline. Be wowed by the best seats in town during a day of sightseeing as we take you around island gems like the historic Honolua Bay, Molokini Crater, and quaint Wailea Village. From freshwater showers at Lanai Lookout to breathtaking sunset views over Puu Kekaapapa (Red Hill), this is one experience you won’t forget!