Your search for the perfect vacation is over. Get your surf on!

You can get a private, 2-hour lesson from one of our certified instructors. And have your life saved by them too! Then enjoy some time in the Hawaiian sunshine and indulge in free shave ice on top of this platinum experience. Find your balance while you wait for waves with our complimentary yoga or take pictures of the magical scenery that Maui has to offer when not surfing.

We’re here to show you that the world doesn’t end at your European shoreline. Join us as we trek towards our turquoise salty-sweet waters and take in all of the beauty this tiny island has up its sleeve. Many international travelers come by searching for just a taste, whether from a gelato window or an ocean sunset, but eventually, they get hooked. Somehow after only one day out on these warm crystalline waves, everything changes; life becomes insatiable, and nothing is ever enough until their next trip back home finds them waking early to pack away their suitcase with surfboards topside poised for takeoff.

What’s better than a private surfing lesson right on the beach in one of the best surf towns in the world? You’ve got this Maui exclusive from Sunshine Surf Instructors. Whether you’re an athlete, just curious, or you and your family want to take up together, we can help.

Our exclusive packages are designed for all ages, shapes, and sizes so that everyone gets informed instruction before jumping into their new life as ‘Kahuna’! All of us at Sunshine Surf Instructors are certified in CPR and First Aid, so our programs maintain instructor credibility, which leads to confidence for our students. Catch a wave and say goodbye to your worries! Free shave ice will make your Mahi extra sweet. Whether you’re recovering from the Makapu’u marathon or just want to move onto some more rewarding chores, get back in touch with nature at our expansive beachfront facilities.

Get the most of your Maui trip with a surf lesson now. Get certified in 2 hours, or play around as you learn to balance on board! Lahaina Surf Shack instructors will work with all ages, shapes, and sizes, leaving no one. Give it a go – it’s often hard to access the waves by our shop, so this may be your only opportunity to get an authentic surfing experience! Available in packages for guests looking for slightly different activities like SUP fun time or dolphin watching tours and a full day in paradise, surfing waves without care. Initially pioneered by ancient Hawaiians, surfing remains one of the biggest highlights when vacationing on Maui. In this particular surf lesson with Lahaina Surf Shack, you can expect to be shown the basics and become acquainted with holding onto your board while riding a wave and how to fall safely. Time in the water is priceless. Learn to surf with Lahaina Surf Shack and get free shave ice after your lesson!