Gaze at the sunset and soak in the beauty of Maui’s western shores as you depart for a beautiful evening private sailing experience. What a perfect way to end a beautiful island day. Take the helm of your Private Sunset Sail in the gorgeous Maui time-low and capture golden moments bathed in the evening light. Our private charter lets you sail coastal shores to return with memories that will keep you feeling sunny all year long. The one thing we know for sure is that sunset sails are a ‘must see’ adventure on Maui, so come aboard today.

Imagine sipping on your favorite drink as you watch the sunset. What do you experience when you see colors changing pastels for the last time this evening: peace and relaxation? Is the air cooling down after a hot day? A sense that life is going to be just fine if we’re with someone or something important to us, too? That’s what hope feels like. And that’s what our sunset sails feel like.

It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since your last vacation–or whether it wasn’t so much of one in the first place–once you start thinking about Sunset Sail Lahaina Harbor, Maui, those beautiful memories come flooding back again- only sharper this time because they include more people who love. Fun is where you find it! Sail off into the sunset on a beautiful and memorable Maui charter. Experience night-time fishing, enjoy our snorkeling equipment or hang out with your friends in the most breathtaking spots Hawaii has to offer. You’ll be captivated by the sights of Maui while at sea – only players often take for granted when they’re ashore. And this Private Sunset Sail takes you further outside than any other sail company while still providing exceptional service that you can expect from Gung Ho Charters all day long.

Take your crew and go sail away! You’ll be giggling as you tiptoe through the warm waves in a small boat, admiring the reds and oranges of the sunset. Seagulls will hoot at each other, and crows will announce that they are King for one day more. You’ve been so good this year; we thought it was finally time to show you how much fun charters can be. Enjoy a sunset sail with a group of friends. It’s the perfect way to spend the evening before settling in for one of our world-class meals at one of Maui’s best restaurants.

Create memories to last a lifetime with this sunset sail through Lahaina Harbor in Maui, Hawaii! A private yacht charter gives you the perfect opportunity for romance or bonding. Unlike other evening excursions, enjoy your time under the stars as the sun sets and night begins to cover the sky. What is a better way there to explore this Hawaiian paradise than from on beautiful ocean waves? Sail GungHo into tomorrow’s cornucopia of dazzling colors as they streak across an ethereal dome of dark blue moonlight.

Experience how nature whispers her secrets and spends intimate moments with you among clustered coastal vegetation draped in jewel-toned lanais (splendid bandanas). On a private sunset sail in GungHo, experience the magic of sailing under the water’s surface and then as you peer below to see vibrant corals and tropical fish. There is nothing better than savoring drinks at sunset with friends while taking in all this natural beauty.