Spend your day in paradise. You deserve it. Play under the sun at any of our amazing beaches or experience all that majestic Hawaii has to offer. Explore lush tropical rainforest, raft down a roaring river, hike through green mountains high overhead with ridgelines as far as the eye can see, and don’t forget your camera. The perfect way to reconnect with yourself and the ocean in an intimate setting. Have you ever wanted to relax on your private beach for an entire day? Why not do it here, right off of Kaanapali Beach! Enjoy time all alone while conquering the cliffs or take a swim along Starfish Point. Private Sunset Charter is great for couples that want something just between them. One thing’s for sure when you step off this boat. You’re going to start feeling much less stressed out than before because there’s nothing like the gentle sound of waves crashing against rocks and sand as a soundtrack to relaxation. We hope we get the privilege of serving these brilliant people again soon.

There are plenty of things you could do to spend your time in an exotic locale, but nothing will make you feel closer to the ocean than watching the sunset on Maui. Private Sunset Charter Sanity offers two-hour voyages into calm ocean waters for $1,650 with many unique options. Join up for a private charter and watch as whales swim by while eating a light dinner buffet fresh from their private kitchen aboard this magnificent vessel that allows its passenger’s convenient access to all parts of it thanks to its low deck height. 

Escape to one of the most beautiful destinations in paradise at North Shore Lanai. Take a 3 hours tour traveling around the island Mauka, where you will find an abundance of lush green vegetation and many freshwater streams cascading from ancient rain forests as well as spectacular waterfalls for swimming, adventuring, sunbathing, and private picnicking. During your journey to Makai from any of our inland shorelines, you can experience warm blue tropical waters with abundant marine life ranging from colorful fish to humpback whales transitioning giant sea turtles (honu). Enjoy a private sunset charter on the Hawaiian Island of Lanai for some of the most breathtaking spots that only Lanai has to offer. Whether your group wants scenic views and an up-close and personal experience with Maui or wants to snorkel in picturesque waters, we have you covered! Bring family, friends, significant others, co-workers, pets – really whatever makes you happy. You won’t regret this night out at sea because all day will be right peacefully.

An all-inclusive vacation for nature lovers. Spend the day rafting and diving, or relax on Akimoa’s sandy shore. Explore neighboring islands by sea scooter, then kick back under a palm tree before dinner at one of our five four-star restaurants. Featured amenities include a private sunset charter to Lanai that will be your best moment of serenity. Almost a guarantee of customization for the one place on your vacation that is all about YOU and forgetting everything else. We’re so confident you won’t want to come back home after this private charter experience on Maui’s west side that customers will only receive a full refund if they decide not to go in the end! So don’t wait any longer. This trip is worth it and then some for the viewings alone.