One of the things you’ll do in Maui is take a paddle board lesson, and there’s no better place for studies than Lahaina Surf Shack. We’ve got fantastic instructors with years of experience willing to teach you the ins and outs of standing up on your very own surfboard. No matter what you’re looking for, we guarantee that this product has it all. You’ve dreamed about a Maui vacation for years, and now you’re finally here to live it out! First, you’ll need to gear up. Head over from your Aulani Resort suite at Hawaii’s premier luxury resort in Honolulu and pick up some stand-up paddle lessons with certified instructors. After 2 hours of complete immersion in this stunning location, we’ll bet that your next trip is booked- stay tuned for more great travel tips.

Want a surfing lesson but can’t make it to Maui? Fear not! 

We offer private stand-up paddle lessons in Lahaina, HI. Get outfitted with all the gear you’re going to need and let our certified instructors guide you through it. We provide free shave ice at this time. If you’re looking for a little more adventure on the water, try kayaking or snorkeling too. 

You’re getting ready to leave for your dream vacation and can’t help but worry that you’ll be bored of every day lying on the beach? Fear not! There’s so much more to do once you get there. Pick up a paddle, head out into the sea, and in minutes find yourself relaxing while surfing to shore. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done it before or if you want a refresher course. Lahaina Surf Shack has all levels covered with their 2-hour private lessons. Plus, grab your camera because when the sun starts setting over the horizon towards Haleakala Mountain after an unforgettable day in Maui (pun intended!), this moment will be one for which we envy no photoshop or filter required.

Get ready to explore the beauty of Maui from your paddleboard! In just two hours, your Private Stand Up Paddle Lesson will provide you with a newfound respect for that old cliche: one step at a time. By the end of this lesson, you’ll be standing up and paddling on surface waters. Trust us. There’s nothing more extraordinary than feeling the sun on your face while being afloat in blue ocean water like everyone back home sees in postcards. 

If complimentary shaved ice is what it takes for confirmation that you’ve enjoyed yourself, request one when booking your reservation since Lahaina Surf Shack knows how important first-time clients are to ensuring their business’ success. Stand-up paddleboard lessons in Maui! Lahaina Surf Shack offers a 2-hour class for beginners and all levels of experience to learn the essentials about balancing on the stand-up board. All ages, shapes, and sizes are welcome and free shave ice with every lesson rental and instructor certification in CPR & First Aid.