Hawaii is a paradise to behold, and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. Like no other place in the world, the natural beauty of nature will welcome you with open arms. And there’s nothing like exploring this amazing ocean on your own private snorkeling tour voyage aboard one of our rafts! Explore the tranquil waters while on your journey for an adventure that you won’t soon forget. 

Experience more than just the land that surrounds us and dives into one of Hawaii’s many freshwater treasures, from rainforest-fed rivers to ancient Polynesian fishponds – we’ll show you all those Mother Nature has been keeping secret. Out here at sea!

Do you have your dream vacation in mind? Peace and relaxation await as your tour guide takes you to the most beautiful spots in Lahaina, HI. The environment of this island is perfect for taking it all in or letting yourself go into meditation. You’ll get that chance during every detail of this captivating journey and, with a bit of luck, get a glimpse of some incredible marine life like turtles, dolphins, whales – oh my! Your time will fly by so quickly, and then it’s time to head back where you can’t wait for more adventures.

If you’re looking for a great place to swim and explore the underwater world, you should come right up to the beautiful coasts of Hawaii. The Private Lahaina Snorkeling Tour will introduce you to one of the fascinating habitats on this earth. Here, while laying in your boat alongside our expert marine biologist guide (his name is Dave), you’ll get a rare chance to experience some private snorkeling adventure with whale sharks! We let the waters show themselves slowly for maximum wonderment. In two hours, we visit six different reef sites where perchance dolphins may surface and spinner dolphins through channels like Molokini Crater and Turtle Town – they have it all here until their bellies full into fun-filled exploration.

Imagine swimming all day in the warm waters of Maui. You have awakened from the comfy capsule, eaten a delicious breakfast, and decided it’s time to explore. With your trusty sailboat at your side, you set out on an adventure that will leave memories for years to come as you observe dolphins, frolic, and turtles surf atop the waves below. This is what we like to call a Private Snorkeling Tour. Hate reading? If snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters of Hawaii didn’t already sound appealing, you’d be glad to hear that with our private snorkel tour, we guide you away from other boat traffic and tourists. No more struggling fighting for visibility against hordes of tourist groups getting caught up amidst your every move. With a Private Island Snorkel Tour, you will get to have all the fun without any hassles. Are you traveling solo? Well, don’t worry–that’s not a problem either! Our genteel guides can always accommodate singles who want to pursue this incredible adventure on their terms (and hey–maybe they’ll have you pairing up if they find someone.

Get your summer started in style! With a Private Snorkeling Tour, you get to choose where and what your adventure consists of. Visit beautiful secluded beaches or unknown islands filled with original inhabitants. Enjoy an intimate evening out on the ocean while you’re being guided by our locals and enjoy unparalleled service from one of Hawaii’s premier tour companies. 

The choice is yours with our private charter services, so pick whichever excursion fits best for you today!