Come surf with us!

We offer private lessons and semi-private lessons for those who want some extra one on one attention. But if you’re looking to introduce your whole family to surfing, we have a group lesson that’ll make standing up easy breezy. Though we are centrally located in Kihei Maui, we also offer mobile instruction all over the island, so don’t let distance deter you.

We suggest a private for those who want a more advanced lesson or complete individualized attention. We also recommend a private class for surfers who want to work on their skills or for those who are hesitant beginners! 

We recommend our Private Lesson for young children!

If you and your significant other, best friend, sister, brother (or whoever!) would like more personalized instruction while surfing with your partner and not have to share the instructor’s attention with another person in the class- then we have the answer!! For parents of little ones that can’t seem to find balance on a board yet but still want them to enjoy it as they start in life, surf lessons with one of our instructors is an ideal place to start.

For those traveling near and far, new friendships await! What’s better than getting an up-close and personal instructional lesson from a local surf instructor? Maui has hot water for beginners or avid surfers of all skill levels. Whether you’re looking to enjoy one on one time with your group or hosting a romantic vacation with that special someone, these private lessons will be the most exciting thing on your itinerary.

Ask for our Surf Lesson Special!

We live for company! Who wouldn’t want to be able to enjoy a private or semi-private surfing lesson with up to four other people? You will experience the thrill of the surf, sand, and sun all on your own. We know you’ll get your vacation in no time with this group deal that can fit any budget.

Maui, the birthplace of a surfer’s paradise with its guaranteed waves, is waiting for you! Let us teach you to surf while inspiring a lifelong craving for saltwater and beaches. It doesn’t get any easier than this–become a skilled surfer with the more detailed Five Day Lesson on Maui. Private and Semi-Privet available upon request, this lesson will be taught by our most well-qualified instructors. Expect to achieve all your surfing goals in just five days!

You’ve caught the travel bug and have taken your independence. You’re ready to book a flight to Maui, Hawaii, the land of sun worshipers but don’t want to miss out on the waves! That’s why we suggest our private and semi-private surf lessons for those looking for more personalized instruction! There are various locations available in Waikiki, Lahaina, Kapalua Bay, or Kihei. Surf while soaking up some Vitamin D at these tanning beaches. Too much sun is never enough, so grab your board and the wave that just took you off your feet when you were too busy getting lost in paradise with exploring new friends or reading one of three unique Hawaiian cookbooks.