It’s time to take a break! Are you tired of your old routine? Come and spend an afternoon on the water with one of our GungHo experts. You will learn how to rig, sail, jump from the boat into the icy waters at Lahaina Harbor alongside some new friends. The sailing lesson is 4 hours long which can be split up over two days if you would like. Plan a day trip out to Maui and refresh yourself from head-to-toe or enjoy a faster recovery following one of GungHo’s kayak lessons in between whoopin’ up waves during sunset in Hanaka Bay.

What’s not to love about a Private Sailing Lesson? First of all, it’s for up to 4 people so you can bring your friends who’ve been asking for the opportunity. And enjoy their amazed faces as you master sailing, and they join in with confidence. You’ll have access to the best boat on Maui, complete with a fully stocked fridge, life jackets, and a helpful crew. 

Plus, if you’re feeling stir crazy after your lesson, our instructor will take you out exploring Lahaina Harbor or even snorkeling at Molokini Crater Secret Lagoon! Your days are winding down, but I just got started. This is a perfect activity for friends or family who want some quality time together with up to four students. Whether you’re new to the sport or want to brush up on your skills, this ʻmeets you where you’re at′ lesson will show off the beauty that is Maui! The instructor has decades of experience and will customize lessons based on skill level. A caterer handled Meals, but feel free to pack snacks and drinks afterward because it will be a fun day.

Get aboard our luxury catamaran for a magnificent private sailing experience. GungHo will teach you everything from how to tie knots, drop the sails, reef your sailboat in heavy wind, and more! We understand each guest learns at their own pace. Hence, GungHo has an experienced captain that varies between teaching techniques and a breeze of games and activities specifically designed for adults. We want your Private Sailing Lesson to be enjoyable, motivating, and educational- just like any significant life skill. Remember to pack sunscreen, sunglasses, and refreshments! You’re on a beautiful Hawaiian Island with gorgeous weather and pristine beaches all around you. This package is perfect for thrill-seekers who have never sailed before and want to experience the water in a new light.

Come and enjoy a day on the water with this relaxing vacation option. Learn how to sail Maui’s world-renowned waters while you hang out under the palms. Work hard enough for your tan lines to show! This private sailing lesson is for up to 4 people, so get ready for real learning time together. Bring sunblock, snacks, and drinks, or come prepared with your boat booze – we’ll keep those iced down in our fridge just for you! Get outside that resort room today and experience the ocean breeze by doing an unusual activity like sailing together. You may not get a vacation from work and family, but what about taking your mind on an escape to the Maui sunshine? 

Whether you know nothing about sailing or love voguing around with a fore and aft mainsails where you can vent out all that pent-up resentment of the workweek. GungHo offers private lessons for up to 4 people tailored to challenge avid sailors and beginner sailors alike. Get this voucher as soon as possible before they sell out.