We know that your dates are set for the next two weeks, so we’ve packaged everything for your perfect vacation to Maui. You get a private tour guide to show you around Lahaina for just one low price, followed by a kayaking rafting through caves and waterfalls on Molokini Crater, then let’s head back over to Maalaea, where all of our equipment is waiting, and hop into our snorkel boat. Finally, as night falls in paradise, we’ll finish up with watching these amazing whales from aboard the top deck of the tour vessel! We can’t wait to share this experience with you.

If you’re looking for a different type of summer vacation, hop on kayak, snorkel, or even whale watching! Explore all the fantastic coastlines in Hawaii. Travel to lagoons and shipwrecks using the private tours around our islands. Snorkeling is just one part of this water adventure! A full day will not be enough time to explore all the experiences waiting for you here in Hawaii.

Imagine gazing through the pristine waters of Maui along with a private guide, discovering the whales under the blue water. After learning how to snorkel safely and kayak with ease, explore Lahaina’s exciting options for restaurants and shops in The Old Lahaina Town daily market! Kids are invited to join us for this all-inclusive adventure. You’re only in Hawaii once. Please make the most of your time and go from land to sea or vice versa on our multi-stop private guided kayak, snorkel, and whale watch tour. Soak up as many views of vibrant marine life as you can stomach because this unforgettable excursion offers countless opportunities for discovery both above and below water. Trust us when we say it’s a unique experience that will leave you with memories to share with friends, family, and all future travelers who ask about “the best thing you did in Hawaii.”

Need a break from all your adventures? Ever wish you could go on vacation in your backyard? Thanks to Private Kayak/Snorkel/Whale Watch Lahaina, HI, we have a one-stop shop to take care of the whole experience. Who knew Hawaii could be so accessible.

A water rhythm like no other can take away everything that life has been throwing at us. We want nothing more than for you to find some peace in our waters, if only for a few hours- though we are happy to help exceed expectations as much as possible by providing adventure activities galore. Your search for a tropical vacation spot is over! Explore the gorgeous waters of the worlds world’s most beautiful ocean. Stand on high cliffs, surrounded by lush green valleys and mountains as you view one of Mother Nature’s many wonders. Climb down into history explore caves from ancient times. Take in an inspiring, breathtaking sunset with millions upon millions of stars lighting up your surroundings. Experience all these things–and some great snorkeling too!–on this fantastic whale watch excursion with Private Kayak Lahaina, HI tours.

This is a one-of-a-kind experience that allows you to explore the reef in solitude and tranquility. Experience both the natural beauty of Maui’s coastline and see up close unique wildlife like whales, dolphins, turtles, or even an exotic fish from our sloop. You will always have someone with you for safety purposes. Experience the thrill of sun and water this summer with a perfect mix of relaxation. Choose to spend your day exploring sea life on a private kayak tour, snorkeling in crystal clear waters, or watch whales as they migrate up and down the coast searching for food. Spend the day out on the water in a private kayak and snorkel! Enjoy exploring underwater with friends and family while getting up close to whales.