Private Charter – Scarab. Maui’s best booking is the ultimate in comfort and style. Fishing charters leave every day heading out to Lana’i, while our group charter boat offers a four-hour private charter for a half-day of fishing or sightseeing with lunch included. With these customizable options, you’re sure to find your perfect Private Charter from Maui. Charters this year. Your dream vacation, right at your fingertips

Once you arrive, it will no longer feel like a vacant vacation but that of the one day-dreamed for. With lots to do and see on this tropical paradise island, you can either choose to take in all the sites and sounds or find your happy place hiding from the masses in-between sandy beaches at Po’olenalena Beach Park or swim out past Molokini Crater for an exhilarating snorkeling experience. Either way, you will find yourself lost somewhere in the driftwood-lined Hana Highway, discovering pockets of peaceful serenity while turning off on windy back roads towards your final destination — Maui’s Coconut Coast — where before long you will be swimming.

What to do when you’re not at the office but just down the street? Spend an unforgettable day on a beautiful boat with live music as you voyage into isolated areas of Maui or Lanai. Filled with fun challenges and adventurous highs, your private charter will be sure to satisfy all those who choose this choppy boat ride over any other option. Bring lunch and enjoy a gorgeous ocean view while getting in touch with nature! This excursion offers an exclusive experience for up to 16 passengers; what could happen next is hard to say. We outfit you with snorkeling gear and give you instructions on how to be a good diver. Keep an eye out for turtles or dolphins while cruising around the clear blue waters of Hawaii in search of ancient coral reefs full of minnow, bright red shrimp, horny crabs as well as moray eels. Ocean life that can’t be found anywhere else but Lana’i! If you feel lazy this day, we will anchor off the beach to enjoy some sun and snack on your favorite fruit. A great way to get away from your everyday routine and spend time with family & friends who matter most.

Take your next excursion to the gorgeous island of Lanai with a Private Charter. Our Scarab Lahaina boat will take you on a fun dive and make sure you get the most diving that you are comfortable with before adding in some thrill-seeking dolphins! As Lana’i is home to over 400 different varieties of Dolphins, a lucky diver can swim alongside these whimsical creatures. Lahaina, Hawaii, is a privileged place to see dolphins. Add this one-of-a-kind adventure into your custom vacation package by chartering a private boat or yacht and diving 20 feet down below beautiful coral reefs where you can swim with these majestic marine mammals. The thrill of seeing them through the silky blue waters will make for lifelong memories. It isn’t easy finding the perfect vacation spot. Not to worry, we found it for you! At Scuba Diving Add-On’s new Private Charter – Scarab Lahaina, HI resort in Hawaii, you’ll discover enriched sea life and personalized service, all in a breath-taking setting. Whether you like walking on land or just under the water, our enchanting islands are waiting for YOU!

Rejuvenate with an ocean view that can be seen right from the comfort of your room. Swim along pristine reefs with over 400 dolphins that live there year-round. Just imagine crossing paths with three different species at once (Bottlenose, Spotted, and Spinner dolphins).