Your private charter is now ready to depart the dock on your journey to share true aloha through these breathtaking islands, legendary spinner dolphins, and an array of tropically-tinged wildlife. This may be one of those memories you will cherish for years to come.

With only 3 hours available with always fair weather, you have a host of activities at your fingertips or enjoy outdoor recreation such as surfing or snorkeling. Experts can tell everyone they’ve had their island experience in Hawaii without missing out on anything the Islands has to offer.

“Sanity’s your sanity away” our three-hour private charter to Maui is excellent for whales, dolphins, and family. A friendly captain is waiting with a cocktail in hand, a freshwater shower, and a perfect storage compartment for all the fish you’ll catch. Sanity’s got you covered, so sit back and enjoy it.

When you and the loved ones in your life are looking for a vacation away from it all, Private Charter Sanity is a chic way to escape the world – just you, the open ocean, and blue skies. Book now before they sell out. Vacation like it’s your job with this once-in-a-lifetime, 3+ hour coastal tour. Can’t get enough sun? Wait till you experience the island rising out of the ocean waves! Humpback Whale season starts December 15th – May 15th, so be sure to take advantage of whale sightings and boat access never before seen on most private charters. With an expert captain always ensuring safety and Sanity, our custom builds all aluminum 50ft vessels that can accommodate up to 16 people at one time for larger groups, a private restroom, fresh water shower, two large iced coolers, and swim platform level to the ocean for easy access off and onboard this trip is just what you need.

The Private Charter with Lanai will set you FREE. This trip is an ancient and powerful experience that every person in the world draws towards either the Ocean (Makai) or Mountains (Mauka). The tour comes in a 3-hour tour going around some of the most beautiful spots on Lanai or 6 hours exploring all over Lanai. Doing so includes snorkeling at one of many breathtaking sites and eating authentic Hawaiian food on this unique island where only guests get to explore. For those looking for more excitement, renting Sea Scooters are permitted, but only up to 4 can be rented out per group. Take a trip to Private Charter Sanity – where all your worries and concerns melt away. How oxymoronic! If you’re not feeling Sea Sick when reading this, we’ve done our job. We’re kidding – but seriously, that’s how good it feels on the boat.

Thirty days ago, I found out marriage isn’t for me. The excitement was replaced with relief- one less responsibility in my life weighing me down until I went off the deep end thinking about being single again, going back to my previous single daze before we met each other. Now what?

Private Charter Sanity is the perfect way to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime Campbell Island experience. From Kaanapali Beach, Maui, and Hawaii’s famous Humpalot Whale season! The boat includes toiletries, towels, and a freshwater shower. You will be hand-selected for your time, ranging from 3 hours to 7 days of snorkeling or fishing excursions that are custom built for you! Contact us today!