Kick off your vacation on the right foot by taking a peaceful and educational tour to see some of Hawaii's most beautiful pastures.

Oh no, is this all? One hour? It sounds like someone’s got plans to do something else after the tour. Don’t worry. We get it; sometimes, a one-hour ride just won’t cut it! But you should still come to visit us on our Private Cattle Open Range Tour because we’re so much fun that even folks with only short amounts of time can find enjoyment in an afternoon out with us! 

You and your party will have time to experience Hawai’ian history and culture while checking out the Piimoi cinder cone then getting up close and personal with the baby cows. It doesn’t stop there either.

You’ll get great ocean views, talk to locals about their unique history and cultural practices, and learn more about these open ranges that are still largely untouched. Afterward, you’ll be able to tell all of your friends back home how you took part in one of Tioga Ranch’s finest cattle tours!

It’s easy to forget that Oahu is an island. But here on the North Shore, you can see everything from sea views to cow pastures. That’s why we offer a private cattle open one-hour tour where you can ride down and see Piimoi cinder cone before hopping back on your horse for a scenic time of the expansive Kualoa Mountain Farm property overlooking breathtaking ocean views. 

Get back to basics and immerse yourself in the open range for an hour.

Visit all of our pastures that are perfect for relaxing, or your calves can frolic with you around. With a tour of the many islands’ unique history and culture with views for days, the private cattle open range one-hour tour is sure to be an adventure unlike any other! It’s never too late to take time off. Pack your bags—you deserve it!

Explore the rugged and undeveloped beauty of Hawaii’s northwest coastline. We’ll meet you at our headquarters in Puheena and make a stop to pick up some provisions for your tour along the way (approx. $5). Then we’ll head out on an hour-long journey into the picturesque Kamakou Preserve, exploring views of Waimea Bay and all the majesty with which it came endowed by mother nature herself.

And when we reach our destination? You won’t be disappointed! Aside from getting up close and personal with working cows, experience the authentic homesteading culture while taking in breathtaking vistas that rival any postcard or gallery painting you’ve seen before – guaranteed.

Get away from the rigors of daily life and get lost in the beauty and serenity of Hawai’i’s lush pastures as we explore them on horseback. Feel the earth beneath your feet while admiring sweeping views across pastureland – let rural paradise reconnect you with nature once again! Explore our available range through guided tours that span an hour or more, depending on how much time you want to spend exploring. It is a perfect experience for those new to horseback riding, too! Though it is not a ride for beginners (we can accommodate children under eight years old), this tour will be exhilarating at its core for riders who have some prior experience.