When you're on vacation, sometimes the best things to do are also the most relaxing.

For moments like that, we can help you out with a Private Cattle Open Range One And A Half Hour Tour — see how Maui cattle roam by Pii’moi and check out our exciting history while enjoying a refreshing cold drink! It’s just what you need for your vacation experience. Fun for the whole family! This tour starts with a short drive to the Pii’moi, an ancient country home where Hawaiian royalty once lived. 

From there, we’ll ride horses on the Open Range and see many of Maui’s famous cattle farms, including the nursery, which houses all new calves born each month, as well as some old-fashioned dirt wells leftover from harvesting grasses for feed decades ago. Along the way, you’ll hear about Hawai’ian culture –and-history that has been intertwined with cattle ranching since its inception in 1829 by King Kamehameha III and colonist John Palmer Parker. We’re also lucky enough to stop at one of Maui’s last lava fields -all before heading back for cold drinks.

This tour is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for your family!

We will see how our cows are raised, learn their story and check out the last lava flow on Maui. Bring water and snacks as there are none provided.

Families with children under this age often ask us if private tours can be arranged for them to enjoy this more intimate ranching opportunity together. While we would like to accommodate you all the time, safety comes first, so we require that riders of these more miniature horses have had some experience or demonstrate proficiency; otherwise, something may happen which alters your vacation memories forever. 

Our tour offers you the opportunity to witness one of Hawai’i’s agricultural jewels up close and personal in the paniolo hills just 45 minutes outside of Hilo! You’ll meet our ranchers, pets, and livestock on this guided journey into outback Hawai’i. Step back in time with old-timers and learn about their way of life as they share stories from seventy years ago. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will delight even the youngest attendee all while exploring High Country Maui’s beautiful countryside. Feed calves and have your picture taken with cows, or take a dip at Pii’moi for an extra special touch. Happy “cow” ing.

Pii’moi Ranch is a cattle ranch in Hana, Maui, with an exciting 1.5 hr Open Range Cattle tour through over 20 acres of lush valley grasslands. Stand on the tuffs of lava that cooled into new bronze hillsides and learn the unique cultural history of Hana’s paniolo way by water line checkers before enjoying yours better than a roadside snack from your cowboy host.

Isn’t the idea of getting on a horse and enjoying a lovely, peaceful ride through an open range on Maui simply wonderful? What more could you ask for from your vacation than to be in touch with nature while enjoying great food and good company. Our tour guide will give you the history of the land we roam in and answer any questions about Hawai’ian culture. Experience an Open Range Cattle check tour!