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This summer, get away from the crowds in surfing's capital Lahaina on Earth Day weekend

Pali Seacliff Maui offers intimate and authentic kayaking and snorkeling tours for four hours along their secret-spot sea cliffs that tower over coral gardens below or revel in the beauty of humpback whale sightings. This is your chance to maximize beach time without standing out–an adult adventure for people who want to see what surfers call “paradise.” Enjoy a private expanse of wave-pounding coastlines boasting world-class views of whales in the winter months, with no other tour throwing shade on your party but you.

Imagine you're snorkeling with a whale

That’s how amazing this adventure is, exploring the secluded yet critical central coast of the island that rivals any diver’s destination near and far as our experience ranges up and down cool currents keening to explore underwater flora and sea fauna like reef school fish, lobsters, octopus, nudibranchs and turtles galore – featuring two different shore entries plus an afternoon on calm waters kayaking among whales offshore!

By day, you will head upstream past a waterfall up into the green canopy of the rainforest. With more twists and turns than any other tour, we do for the diver who likes easy, guided fun. Maui – this is truly an adventure out of this world!

Truly unique in all of the world, Pali Seacliff Maui is a small, privately-owned company that operates exclusively on the beautiful islands of Hawaii. We specialize in private and custom tours to the most sought-after destinations on Maui. Our luxurious boats are emission-free Kiwa Catamarans with just enough room for (a maximum of) six passengers – and it’s worth every penny! We’re also different from our competitors because we include guides as part of your package: they anchor the boats, gear you up, point out marine life, and regale you with tales of yesteryear and Hawaiian legend throughout the tour. 

See all of the sea life through our lifetime knowledge and personal attention. It’s personalized around you! At Pali Seacliff, we have a dedicated fleet of high-quality boats for snorkelers combined with wearing full gear on board so that we can get right in to see some fantastic sights without rushing to catch up with everyone else on giant power boars points out marine life and regal you with tales of yesteryear and Hawaiian legend all through the tour. Named after a beautiful beach untouched by big crowds and run-of-the-mill tours, your visit is”Heaven On Earth.” Pali Seacliff Maui, Hawaii, is the perfect vacation destination for all you freshwater snorkelers. Our guides take you to these fantastic underwater spectacles and are always by your side in the safest way possible: with our boats secured to the shoreline. With a friendly tour guide by your side, Pali Seacliff Maui, Hawaii, will provide service that goes an extra mile while on this once-in-a-lifetime experience. You’ll have world-class customer service and personal attention guaranteed. With all of Kapalua’s waterways accessible from the boat dock (parking included!), you’re sure to see 25% more marine life than any other company that frequents Molokini or Makena coastlines.

Later in the day, you will see Humpback Whales as they beat their tails against the sea surface before disappearing underwater- even traveling back down to North America, where it starts all over again. This kayak tour has something for everyone who wants to get away from it but still be silly with friends, family, or loved ones.

Booking is recommended if not essential.