The PADI Rescue Diver class on Maui will teach participants skills in emergency management and underwater problem-solving. Students learn to address environmental emergencies, locate lost items and provide first aid treatment for various common injuries. Participants are guaranteed access to instructors who have mastered the program through many hours of practice with ocean professionals. 

This certification is invaluable for any diver who wants to be prepared for anything that might happen while exploring the depths below! There’s no better way than by taking the time to make sure your education matches your skill level out there in open water. Although some people seem more gifted than others, it doesn’t happen overnight, so take advantage of this course because safety needs must be taken seriously when it comes to diving. Discover the satisfaction of being a PADI Rescue Diver. Learn emergency management skills and build confidence in your scuba diving expertise with this valuable course. Banyan Tree Divers is just the place to live out your adventurous spirit because we are focused on teaching you the full range of skills necessary for independence underwater – all while giving you unparalleled personal attention.

Enjoy one of the most exciting courses available to scuba divers. Become a rescue diver in just two days! This course is designed for students who have completed a PADI Open Water course and can now take their skills above water into depths up to 18 meters/60 feet deep. The Rescue Diver certification prepares you for working with professional emergency teams; at some time, we will all need help from professionals. Increase your confidence underwater by learning lockdown techniques, providing medical attention, managing gas supply problems, and fine-tuning buoyancy control while diving with others. In two intense but advantageous days only here, Banyan Tree Divers Maui. Get your certification to save lives. And maybe find a few seashells while you’re at it. 

To become a certified rescue diver, you will need to complete all knowledge reviews and drills before arriving on Maui. Once you arrive at our resort’s beautiful waters, we will conduct intensive sessions to train you for different scuba emergencies. Each day is full of active training exercises throughout the course with an unforgettable backdrop – secluded beaches that border little waterfalls among lush green vegetation. This distinctive tropical scenery starts your morning in awe and ends it with deep-diving lessons wrapped up by dry land lectures as the palm trees sway in the shore breeze across from your resorts’ steps below. Yes, the Maui ’86 Rescue Diver certification requires a lot of training and studying, BUT it’ll be worth it in the end. You will learn to manage different scuba emergencies through dive theory, training exercises, and rescue scenarios. Dive theory consists of 2 academic sessions coupled with independent study. Plus, ten in-water training exercises are practiced on the surface and underwater, making this course fun.

Dive in with us and explore the world beneath the waves. The PADI Rescue Diver Maui can get you out of any watery pickle. With extensive training on all aspects of scuba diving emergencies, this program will expand your knowledge to help you react quickly during an emergency while underwater or at the surface. Whether it’s a simple mask leak or something more complicated, keep this dive certification close by when you realize that sometimes getting off dry land comes with a few unforeseen obstacles. Let us tell you about Maui! We still can’t believe how beautiful this place is. Imagine yourself here, admiring the fantastic landscape, diving through schools of colorful fish, and going on a snorkeling tour of some sandy beach in between. To get certified as a Rescue Diver? Sounds fun to us!