Paddle Boarding is one of the latest water sports, and our Paddleboard 101 course will give you a safe introduction to this thrilling new activity. Forget about just lounging on your hotel balcony ever again- paddleboarding is easy, fun, relaxing, and incredibly exhilarating!

We won’t send you out alone – we promise to give you a few helpful tips before having your head out into the sea. And there’s no better time than when gaining confidence in handling these boards while watching the stunningly beautiful Wailea coastline unfold before your eyes, perfect for beginners as well as those who never got around to mastering their skills yet. If summer is on your mind, then a Paddleboard 101 is for you! Learn the basics and try to catch some rays. Take it slow and enjoy an afternoon in the sun, learning without getting too much sun.

Relax, push away the thoughts of work. Kick-off your flip-flops and dive in surfing the waves on a SUP down at Makena Landing! Whether you have never been on a Paddleboard before or need a refresher, this course is perfect for everyone! We’ll let you enjoy the warm Hawaiian sun and shallow waves until you are ready to get back to shore for lunch and some food recommendations from our staff. Waikiki Paddleboard offers tour packages that are unbeatable for beginners as well as experienced paddlers. The 2-hour introductory course begins with a personal tutorial on land, where you’ll learn how to navigate the board successfully before putting it in the water and cruising around on your own. Whether this is your first time on a paddleboard or you need some quick refresher lessons, everything you need is just a phone call away!

It doesn’t get more relaxing than paddling out on the water with our Paddleboard 101 Excel! Created for newbies and those who want a refresher, this course has everything you need to feel like a pro from beginning to end. With an experienced guide as your instructor, we’ll have you up and running in no time. Hear about what everyone’s chatting about – wipeouts are never taken too seriously here at Makena Landing Beach Resort & Spa.

Every human should experience the beauty of Makena and paddleboarding, so let us help you knock this one off your bucket list! You’ll start with our swim brief, then get out in the water with a private lesson. We know all that to say, no matter how bad we are at Explaining what it feels like to be on board or what different positions we’re doing. Trust us when telling you how awesome it is. Better yet, take this course and see for yourself.

Grab your sunscreen and a towel because we’re going paddling! Get ready to get out and explore the beautiful coastline of Maui in this 2-hour beginner Paddleboard Tour. Offering one-on-one lessons, follow our experienced instructors who specialize in teaching total beginners through seasoned pros. Fun is guaranteed for all ages with open board availability for everyone from 8+ years old, even if you didn’t know what a paddleboard was before today!