What better way to end your day? Join us aboard Sea Maui on an ‘Original Sunset Cocktail Cruise’ for a night you won’t forget. You will enjoy pupus and drinks as the sunset is reflected in that magnificent ocean surrounding us. Your journey ends with an after-dark sail past the palm trees of Tropic Seas Resort, the site of tomorrow’s festivities!

Let people know what they’ll be missing out on if they don’t book this experience! The ‘Original Sunset Cocktail Cruise’ is a Ka’anapali tradition where guests take in panoramic views while enjoying pupus prepared by Executive Chef Joey Macadangdang. Please sit back and relax, soak in the sights, drink (responsibly!), and enjoy some finger foods as a Sea Maui guide skillfully maneuvers the twin-hulled catamaran to its destination: migrating whales. Pausing at sunset as the sun dips below the horizon on Maui’s West shoreline, guests will marvel at what so many ignore. Beauty is all around us if we find moments to treasure it. So book your seat aboard Sea Maui for one of Hawaii’s most enchanting natural spectacles: The Original Sunset Cocktail Cruise today!

Sea Maui’s Original Sunset Cocktail Cruise’ is a Ka’anapali tradition. Sunsets at sea, viewed from Sea Maui, are spectacular, and during our winter months, our sunset trips are also a whale watching tour! Our guests will take in a panoramic view of Molokai, Lanai, Maui, and Kahoolawe while enjoying pupus prepared by Executive Chef Joey Macadangdang and an open bar including local beers, white wine, champagne, light rum, dark rum, vodka, whisky, and mixers. Each night is different onboard Sea Maui – what better way to end your day?

You’ll be cruising past the majestic and legendary West Maui Mountains, which will surround you with natural beauty while watching Hawaiian sunsets. Live out the great American dream: cruising through gorgeous blue oceans, a dramatic sparkling sunset, and majestic mountains. Bring your friends along for some unforgettable good times and memories that you definitely can’t make at home. It’s not easy to see the sunset from the beach, but finally, you get your chance. Enjoy the views and excellent drinks as you enjoy this sunset cruise while it lasts. 

Welcome aboard the Original Sunset Cocktail Cruise. The perfect way to end your day on Maui with an unforgettable sunset experience. This tour departs from Ka’anapali beach and includes a cocktail, appetizers, and a full-size souvenir photo. Explore Maui’s tropical waters with this casual & affordable sunset cruise. You’ll spend this day sipping on all-you-can-drink libations as you enjoy time with friends and family. There are lots of fun activities for both kids and adults – from hilarious games to exciting contests. The cruise will bring you back to the beach just before sunset so you can watch the sun dip below the ocean line. Let’s set sail for a date night! On this one-night getaway, don’t forget your bathing suit because while exploring our islands by boat, we offer an optional snorkeling experience off Lanai Island after dark. 

Participants will view humpback whales and sea turtles that have emerged at sunset since the mating season has arrived in Hawaii during the winter months. Sweet relief from your day is only a few hours away, so get ready for a good time in the sun with this Original Sunset Cocktail Cruise. It’s non-stop fun and relaxing without all the work, which will leave you feeling relaxed.